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Journalist makes suggestion to AngloInfo

Posted by Rob Hyde - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by davidl-181802 - 15 years ago

ccording to this site http://www.nationmaster.com/graph-T/geo_pre we are no. 48

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Posted by mixer-186069 - 15 years ago

so, if the UK is only second, which is the country that has the most rain?

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Posted by peppy-191941 - 15 years ago

You are quite correct. I stand corrected. It has been such a longtime now that I get my words muddled. The offer is there. I will be less rantful and more measured if you want to write an alternative take on emigration. I think it would be a wonderful piece of programming because it catches the reason for doing it and not just the process and many British people I have come to know down here and over the border at Italy have a number of similar motivations for making that change. I wish I had been able to tap into such a programme before I moved because it helps you understand more the reasons you are doing it. And that makes it easier to settle in. Tricky subject mind, beyond my limited faculties at least!

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 15 years ago

quote:stone maisons controlling many aspects of business life and.

I guess you mean Freemasons?

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Posted by peppy-191941 - 15 years ago


Yes, most people who are down here are unbelievably normal and just looking for change, relocating to a new job, retiting, studying. Not much of a great story. BUT........there are just too many brit relocation programmes now. Just as brit viewers are getting bored of reality TV and pop supserstar idols, it is getting too far probably (unless life back in blighty is so unbelievably bad now that leaving is the no. 1 thought of everyone! He! He!).

As for BBC, well, a producer 'claiming' to represent them was here last year and I took them up on it with a few friends and met in a bar in monaco and gave my story, reasons, etc., But as it was not what they wanted to programme, they did not take us up.

If you want to meet, maybe I will give you a story then. I left UK because I was sick to the back teeth of very poor standard of living, public transport does not work, roads do not work, immigration out of control, gross ineficiency of public bodies, public schoolboys and stone maisons controlling many aspects of business life and.........the second rainiest country in the world. Things are not ideal wherever you are in the world and not here either but there is a quality of living here - and many places in Europe and America from my experience - that just is not possible in Britain (no matter how much money you amas and wherever you choose to live there). Sure, it has been difficult to relocate my business here and property values often are not that much cheaper (CdA is about the most expensive place in France) and I have had to spend alot of time gaining fluency in another language but it has been worth it.

My neighbours and the people around me are kind and generous and polite. In Britain I trusted few people outside my faimly and circle of friends. Even here, the people most likely to rip you off are British expats! (But thankfully not many, most who settle here are people I would have loved to know back in Britain). In France there is genuine freedom. There is an Americain style constitution and sense of liberty - just look how passionately celebtared is July 14th. Friends back in London complain to me how they feel trapped, how they will be paying debts off until they are 70, how overwhelming the concrete sprawl of London, the anonymous blandness of provencial and commuter towns around UK sucks the very soul from people (the office is a sublime piece of BBC programming in this respect). These are all things that could change but, like Britain can sometimes seem itself, people get stuck in a rut. They like the idea of coming down here but always lose the nerve at the last minute.

So that is my advice. If someone would write a programme about WHY so many Brits get sick of British life, WHY life and French culture (or spanish, or Italian, or German, or Greek, or Americain, etc.,) is so appealing, now that would be worth watching. But that will take a bit more work than following a couple opening a gite and organising some building projects before living happily ever after. But it is worth pursuing! I think France, and French culture, have a wisdom and recognition about life and liberty that has been lost in Britain and, if you look into the history of our Nation, may actually never have existed. Those are my reasons for moving. Oh yeah! Great weather, great food, Sundays at the Beach, skiing in the Winter and shopping over the border in Italy as well! 

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Posted by GordonLeGopher - 15 years ago

Hey aroncb, if you're new to these parts then you won't have paid any taxes yet...

Strange how far you can get from the initial thread isn't it?


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Posted by Aroncb - 15 years ago

Yep I am new in these parts.  And begrudge paying their taxes for them their black workers.  No wonder they are so high for the remainder of us.

Mind you given the huge difference in Price for black/ taxed work its hard to resist :-)

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Posted by JHM - 15 years ago

Come, come Aroncb.

Expats working on the black? Like the locals don't!!!!!??????

You're new in these parts. You have much to learn.



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Posted by Aroncb - 15 years ago

I'd say from a business perspective that angloinfo would be off the mark adding a purpose meda centre.  Unless they deemed the effort would gain enough cheap media coverage.  I'd say there bread and butter for searches and hits comes from their high 6/10 google rating.  Not a couple of mentions deep in articles that few down here are going to come across.

Consider your reasons for asking.  To make your live easier? or will it really really help Expats down here.  Should Angloinfo really spend hard earned development time in the hopes of getting the odd mention in the press?


Even if you do have a story I'd say that maybe at most it is a regional thing.   

And what`s with the sign off...


Rob Hyde.

British Expat and Freelance journalist living in former East Germany. http://www.robhydeglobal.com



Best Regards

British Expat and general mischieve maker living in former occupied german france.


If you really want a story then check out the disgusting numbers of expats working on the black down here. Yet happy enough to moan at the crime, dog doo on the streets and generally anything that isn't performing that they should be paying taxes for.  An article on how to live in france and not pay taxes I would say would be an instant hit down here. 


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Posted by Rob Hyde - 15 years ago

Dear Zeynep,

Thanks for your response. I am in the middle of writing sth at the moment, but will reply in detail to all of the points you raised over the next couple of days.



Rob Hyde
PGCJ:Periodical Journalism
Telephone: +49 (0)173 186 1164
Web: http://www.robhydeglobal.com