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Keeping cool at night

Posted by Phil Champ - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Phil Champ - 16 years ago

Thanks everybody for all the suggestions. Personally speaking, I found the cool shower the most effective. It was thankfully down to only (!) 26 degrees last night here in Beausoleil, which meant that I and hopefully everybody else got a much better kip. Why do those few degrees make all the difference (30 degrees at night being absolute murder)? And it's no comfort, I know, but even the locals find sleeping during la canicule hard work, according to an elderly lady I was talking to in Monaco yesterday.


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Posted by irfs - 16 years ago

check you are sleeping on  the summer side of your mattress. Odd as it seems, mattresses, not all, but lots have a winter side (cote hiver) and a summer side (cote ete).

I find that having a cooling shower just before bed, works, and I dont need a fan.

Also there are various other things that you can do to aid sleep,

try not to get too stimulated, ie not watch telly, up to 2 hours before bed, Dont eat too late (assuming you may be the one person who hasnt lost his app in this heat) Try to go to bed at the same time every night, and also keep the bedroom for bed and sleep activities, ie not work related.

Personnaly I find that reading in bed makes me fall asleep - especially if its the RR, ha ha just kidding

If all that fails, hit the bottle.


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Posted by calcalino - 16 years ago

should you be fortunate enough to have a marble floor that's even better!


presently in a baking hot london but soon to be in antibes!

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Posted by lynnettejane - 16 years ago

try sleeping on the tiles, Lynnette

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Posted by Phil Champ - 16 years ago

Indeed! I'm on the hill above Beausoleil and the air is full of smuts as well as smoke this evening.


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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 16 years ago

I tried to sleep outside on the balcony a few nights ago and found just one problem...

It was hotter outside, than it was inside because of the hot wind that was blowing around Monaco!

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Posted by Brightstar-189376 - 16 years ago

Or sleep outside if you have a terrace or something!  Bit risky I suppose but lovely.  The other alternative is to partake of sufficient rose so you are knocked out!  Well, it worked for me last night . . . :)


Brightstar x

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Posted by itsme-185377 - 16 years ago

Lie under some damp sheets

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Posted by leslie-179832 - 16 years ago

Buy a water spray bottle, fill and chill it in the fridge, then mist yourself periodically until you fall asleep. I did this last night and it worked. A little soothing lavendar water or orange water added makes it even nicer!

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Posted by irishman-180738 - 16 years ago

Have a good long cold shower before bedtime. Then go to bed without drying yerself off completely. The fan and heat will evaporate the water and keep you nice and cool!

(well for about five minutes)