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l'aple d'Huez tomorrow!!!

Posted by jjoepage - Created: 13 years ago
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Is anyone going to the Tour de France tuesday to overnight and watch the race on Wednesday?  I need a ride and I am happy to share fuel costs.  I'd love to catch a ride and avoid the trouble of getting a hire car.Its all good

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Posted by tkw - 13 years ago

wish I could see it!

I'm sure Lance is going to take the yellow jersey tomorrow...after that I guess the 'race' is over and its time to see who gets 2nd place and if Mayo cracks again or pulls off a stage win.

Poor Voekler, he did such an awesome job, so far!

I just wish somebody would give more than a halfhearted challenge to Virenque for the climber jersey.

By the way I hear people camp out several days in advanced for good spots on the alpe d'huez climb...so early is good


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Posted by jjoepage - 13 years ago

Somewhere between here and Grenoble; about four hours in the car I am told.  If I take a hire car, I'll have to figure that part out with more precision, but for now, I am just expecting a long ride.  I think the best idea is to leave Tuesday afternoon, arrive to get a nights rest before a 6am hike up the top of the hill and 8 hour wait to watch 5 seconds of zoom-zoom-zoom.  Then back.  Fun eh?Its all good

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Posted by Living in Nice - 13 years ago

Where about is it - and the best place to watch?