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land registry in france?

Posted by Europe - Created: 13 years ago
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Is there a French land registry equiv. of the one in the uk? If so how do I contact them etc. thanks in advance....

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Posted by Southern Guy - 6 months ago

What is it with these, 8, 9 & now even 13 year old posts being brought to life??

Weird or Paid?? As I cannot get the search to work for yesterday or last week..

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Posted by cordiez-907313 - 6 months ago

The Land Registry in France is now called Service de la Pubicité Fonciere. I confirm it is a decentralised service, thus searches must be made with the relevant local land registry office. 

There are over 350 such local offices in France and one should therefore ensure that enquiries are being made with the relevant one, who has territorial jurisdiction over the place where the property in question is situated.

We have created a new service that offer English speaking clients the ability to search ownership of French properties. You can search title documents, ownership records and mortgages on the property you are interested in. The website for this service can be found here along with contact information in case you need further assistance.

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Posted by Europe - 13 years ago

oh excellent, I love AI!!

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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

Yes, but I believe it is largely decentralised. To perform searches, etc. you need to find the relevant Bureau du Cadastre (= Land Registry). Estate agents go there all the time; it is usually attached to your Centre d'Impôts Fonciers. 

Depending on where you live this is either a separate office location (e.g. Nice = rue Joseph Cadei, Grasse = Traverse de La Paoûte) or part of the Mairie complex (e.g. Antibes, Cannes, Mandelieu). 

If you already own property, have a look at your Taxe Foncière bill for the address. If in doubt, equire at your Mairie.