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Laptop: Pre-purchase advice sought.

Posted by HarryDay-186340 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by C J Flynn - 16 years ago

I want to second the Mac idea, especially the little iBook. I got one from www.cwonline.co.uk/ in London. They had an ad in one of the local magazines, they returned my calls, they supported my on the phone and they said they would back me with the guarantee.It runs Quicken and Word, all that I need really...well, it has wifi built in, of course.Good luck, C J

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Posted by lob-189383 - 16 years ago


what can i say - this is what i found when i tried to order dell products from the uk.  you think i make this stuff up...

perhaps things have changed since i ordered - who knows - but with the price savings in hk i am not too bothered.


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Posted by dusty-191802 - 16 years ago

The information from lob about Dell that they cannot supply QWERTY keyboards  and english software is wrong.  They supply all these things on demand - We have three Dells and a Mackintosh so we know. They can also send someone to install the equipment. 

Mackintosh can also supply QWERTY keyboards but according to our information only after a lengthy wait.




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Posted by HarryDay-186340 - 16 years ago

Thanks everyone for your advice.

Best wishes for Christmas & 2004


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Posted by lob-189383 - 16 years ago

watch out trying to buy from online retailers like dell etc as they are not able to flog you an english language and qwerty keyboard for delivery in france or mc.

best bet for new is not to get it in europe (i just got a sony z1 vaio in hk for €1.8k (they are €3k in fnac)).  if you need bargain basement then why not go for refurbished? 

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Posted by Maizewell - 16 years ago

I'd buy a Dell. I bought mine from the UK operation while I was living in Grenoble. Apart from persuading them to deliver to the correct address it was all very easy, and I took out the Europe-wide next business day warranty too, which has worked extremely well for me. I've been in Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands on long term contracts since I got the machine and any problems have always been solved very rapidly. I think they're the only manufacturer to offer such a warranty. All the others take the attitude that they'll fix the machine if there's a problem, but you'll have to get it to them first, or they have a collect and return service which means you have to live without your laptop for a couple of weeks while they fix it.

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Posted by pkud - 16 years ago

Harry,You also have the option of purchasing an Apple laptop. I don't want to spark a debate about the merits of either platform but by ordering through Apple's Online store in France (www.apple.com/francestore/), you can ask for an international (qwerty) laptop and operating system.Personally, I would suggest the lower end iBook. It's got a durable shell that is attractive and strudy- perfect for moving around. It's bundled with AppleWorks which will allow you to save in formats compatible with the PC and of course, it has a built in CD burner. The ease of use can be debated but you'll be free from the problem of viruses, security holes, and random windows oddities that seem to crop up ever week or so.Good luck, Arampkudurshian

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Posted by Tony Miller - 16 years ago

The three best manufactuers of Notebook are IBM, Dell, Toshiba, you can buy Dell in France with all english system and manuals, IBM and Toshiba not sure whether they will sell English system+manuals in France if not you can buy from the U.K contact IBM or Toshiba in the U.K and they will advise.

Here are the web sites in france if you want the u.k just change the fr to read co.uk




All modern printers will work with notebooks as long as you have the XP printers, so go to the web site of your printer manufacturer and look for the model and ensure they have XP drivers otherwise you will need to buy another one and today they are so cheap



Tony Miller

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Posted by jjoepage - 16 years ago

I am with reinrev5, Dell might be the way to go.  I have used www.dell.fr and they are great.  You might end up paying a few euros more, but both the service and quality of goods is really great.  Dell became the biggest computer company because of this excellent service.  Try 'em.Its all good

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Posted by lespalmiers - 16 years ago

If you can buy in the UK so you get your qwerty and english software, i wouldnt hesitate to recommend a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo. Ive had mine a few months and it was very cheap (£640inc vat!), is built like a tank, has a 15" screen, DVD/CD rw drive, came with Word and works very well. Its not very pretty, but appears to have been screwed together by people who knew what they were doing. It also came with all backup/ recovery disks and a comprehensive instruction book.

I'm chuffed!


Regards, Les