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Laptop: Pre-purchase advice sought.

Posted by HarryDay-186340 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by reinrev5 - 15 years ago


Unless things have changed dramatically in the last two years you have two choices 1> go to the UK and purchase any "well known international brand" with an international guarantee, and checking that the guarantee does also France.  2> ordering a Dell over the telephone with an Qwerty keyboard and other specs that you require.

I am not pushing Dell but as far as I know it is still the only company that will put together your spec. qwerty, etc (within limits for a portable) then supply and  guarantee it in France.

All modern printers now connect via USB. In additon most laptops still have the LPT1 / parallel port.

Why not ask for the portable to have a Network Interface Card (most have them anyway these days) and your IT man can set up a small Network between your portable and PC. Apart from the NIC for your main computer (from 6 Euros on the Internet to about 20 Euros in local shops) you will need a "twisted / crossed" cat5 cable = about 10 Euros for a 2 meter one. This will enable you, once configured, to just plug one end into your portable when you need it to be able to make use of your existing printers, hard disk and CD burner on/through your main PC from your portable.

Have fun