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Left Handed Guitar

Posted by Katherine-186137 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Rainbow Harley - 13 years ago

Hi there,

take the advice of the chap who said stick to learning left handed. My Son plays left-handed bass, had a brilliant teacher and is thankful he did it his way. As stated the non-dominant hand is never as adept as the real one, even for someone like my Son who is fairly ambidextrous in most tasks.

Hugs 'n' rainbows

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Posted by will 06 - 13 years ago

As an alternative you can buy a right handed strat,leave the strings as they are and simply play it left handed.Worked OK for Jimi Hendrix.

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Posted by lapon - 13 years ago

Hello,I am left handed and would not advise any left handed to learn on the right side !!! This is a great mistake as the "rythmic" hand will never be as fast and precise than the real left one...Anyway, I want to sell my beautiful Yamaha, 10 years old, very nice conditions, around 350 euros. A second hand guitar that has been played a lot is always better than a new one.I am in Nice.call me if interested, i will send you photos.Dan - 0678638025

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

quote:just replacing the top nut

Depending on the guitar, it can be a lot more complicated than that. For a start, the bridge will almost certainly need replacing for intonation, while if the guitar has asymmetric bracing then the sound will be pretty iffy if the guitar is played "upside down". If it has a cutaway, it'll just look plain daft!

To be honest, I advise left-handers to play right handed if they're absolute beginners and don't already have "handed" habits with the guitar. There's no real reason to play one or the other way due to "handedness", and there are a lot more right-handed guitars out there, at much better prices for the years ahead. And it's generally a lot easier to pick somebody else's box up and play a few chords if you're out somewhere.

An aside - there's no such thing as a left-handed violin in mainstream use, yet there are plenty of left-handed violinists. Ditto the french horn, clarinet...


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Posted by kirstya - 16 years ago


Your friend might not necessarily need a 'left handed' guitar. If he/she is interested in acoustic guitar a 'normal' right handed guitar can be used by just replacing the top nut (providing the guitar is a symmetrical shape) and restringing to left handed requirements.

Good luck

Kirsty and Niels