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Legend in my lunchtime

Posted by SHAMWARI-190174 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Admin-179828 - 16 years ago

Are you using the e-mail link provided (to the right of each poster's name)?-----
Forums Administrator

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Posted by RODUKE41 - 16 years ago

I am not sure how to see if you've responded to my recent emails, but will appreciate a response even if in the negative.

Your last message agreed it would be preferable to correspond directly instead of through the Forum, but you did not include your email address.

Regards,  RO

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Posted by RODUKE41 - 16 years ago


I'm not sure how to verify you haven't responded to my last several messages; or whether there is no response for any of several reasons.

I'll also send this to another of your addresses in hopes you receive and will reply -- even if in the negative.

Regards,  RO

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Posted by RODUKE41 - 16 years ago

Hi: Haven't been able to refind your helpful reply to me of 03/11/2003 at 14:51. Was hoping for a reply to my request for a get-together when we return to France. Have not received email advising reply made.As per both my suggestion and yours, please use my own email address: rodellpr@hotmail.com.Thanks; look forward to hearing from you.Sincerely, RO Villeneuve Loubet

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Posted by fidav - 16 years ago

Hey Shamwari, with a name like that you must come from a small teapot shaped country in central southern africa ... another refugee escaping the manic dictator?

Let me know if I'm right, as I may be a fellow countryman!


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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

LOL a Cote D'azure agony uncle now thats a thought! 

Q My teenage daugter is having troubles at school and is quite unhappy?
A Give her another credit card and send her to the St Tropez Boutiques with no limit.  Don't foreget to buy her a fast scooter and give her no training on it.

Q I like the speed of a motor boat but I also like the calmness of sailing?
A  Raid one of the funds of your offshore businesses and buy both. Alternatively get an ex Elf employee to buy one for you. 

Q The driving on the french roads scares me?
A Yep, It'll do that.

Q I am constantly stepping in dog poo.
A Don't leave the house. 

Q I have run out of space in my Cave to store wine.
A Drink faster and more.

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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 16 years ago

Now that you have reached g_d like status on AI, are you now going to become an agony aunt/uncle for a highly acclaimed newspaper like The Sun!

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

*takes a bow* - "why, thank you Ma'am"

Feel free to post your question here, or if you prefer, use the AI e-mail link on this reply to send it to me directly.