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Life in the South!

Posted by Sally Newman - Created: 13 years ago
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We are looking to move to South of France, possibly Nice in a few years time.  Wondered what life was like out there, would you like to share some views with me, we are hoping some people out there can give us some feedback on the the lifestyle, culture and anything you can think of.  Comments welcome.

We shall be going to Nice next year for a holiday to have a taste ourselves!

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Posted by sledger-197331 - 13 years ago

Hi Sally Newman,

Life is good here as Zeynep said but be warned that here in Nice the locals (or should i say the mentality here in Nice) is superficial which is hard to see at first when you are new to such beautiful surroundings.

Ive been here 2 1/2 years in Nice and have only started a semi good social life, it is important to learn French but even so you will still be seen as a tourist, its taken 2 years for the local venders, café's, bar's to say "hi how you doing" and ive been shopping or drinking there for all this time?

Be cafefull people will abuse of the "ive just arrived from England people" shop around before you come to an agreement with some one or some thing.

Please im not being negative i love where i live, its just taken me a while to adjust to the difference in culture im just telling you how things are.

Enjoy your holiday


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Posted by Sachski-198688 - 13 years ago

Try reading the book 'French or Foe' by Polly Platt before you come out. I am reading it now and it is an invaluable insight into the french, their customs, and the social codes here which are very different to what we're familiar with.

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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 13 years ago

Life is great here, as you will surely see during your visit. If you decide to move down here, do take French lessons and try to reach a conversational level in advance, as that will make a huge difference in your quality of life (especially social life) in France.

If you are thinking of buying a property, start looking for one a year before you actually think of moving here. That will give you an idea about what is available and what is not, as well as increase your chances of getting a very good deal. You might like to look at the villages around Nice.

Good luck,