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Lighting Wiring - Can you help ?

Posted by oliverc-187937 - Created: 14 years ago
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I want to wire in a fan to a bedroom ceiling rose (currently unused).  There's pairs of turquoise wires, blue wires and green wires.

1. How do the turquoise and blue wires match to live and neutral. ?

2. Is the room switch likely to be between the fuse box and rose or off the rose itself - in other words, is there likely to be both direct and switched power at the rose ?


Oliver Cahn (Antibes)

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Posted by borgnetoplombe - 14 years ago

Do you mean wiring at rose or fan. Some fans have option to operate integral light from separately from fan using double light switch. Blue is or should be neutral, purple is often switched live from wall switch. Green/yellow should be earth. Have come across all sorts of anomolies as many French DIYers seem to use whatever cable is handy at the time. Suggest invest in a circuit tester.