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Linux Mandrake disks needed ....

Posted by dublinbryan - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by dublinbryan - 16 years ago

Cheers guys I managed to get them burnt etc so topic is now closed.Just  so you know i was actually using wget but the data stream got corrupted as well so I was stuck with 3 bad iso images in the directory .... But those images did have the majority of the data on them even if they failed the checksum ..... so I ran this command from that directory

rsync -uvr carroll.cac.psu.edu::mandrake/iso/ ./

20 minutes later I had 3 perfect iso images.

Best Regards




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Posted by harvster-181676 - 16 years ago

Best bet is to go into a newsagent that sells computer magazines - normally there are some that have the full 3CD download versions on the cover for something like 5 or 10 Euro.

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Posted by JohnD-185075 - 16 years ago

Also, with regard to your ADSL timeout problem - use a download utility that supports resuming! :) If you're already using Linux then chances are that you'll have the wget utility on your machine, so just copy and paste the URIs of the download images into a text file (e.g. "mandrake.txt") on separate lines, and then issue the following command from the console (after changing to the directory containing the text file, obviously):$ wget -c -i mandrake.txtEvery time your connection times out, just enter the command again once you've reconnected and it'll pick up where it left off (as long as you remember to put the '-c' option).HTH

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Posted by JohnD-185075 - 16 years ago

Bryan,Couldn't you buy a boxed copy of Mandrake 9.2 from a computer store for less than EUR 30? If not, it's [url="http://cart.cheapbytes.com/cgi-bin/cart/0070010941.html"]available on CheapBytes[/url] for USD $6.99 (+ $8 shipping).If you don't fancy either of those options then I can burn you a copy, but I'm not around until next weekend. I also have Debian ('woody' and 'sarge') and Knoppix 3.3 at home, and could easily get hold of any other distribution you wanted between now and next weekend.Cheers,John