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Living in Dubai - Does anyone have any experience?

Posted by ivi - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by ivi - 13 years ago

Thanks so much for the information. 

So the person who told said that rent would we around 4000 a month was exaggerating?  My friend only needs a one bedroom apartment anyway.  Also he was told that you need to lease a car (at a further cost of 2500 dirham per month).  Is this true?  Is public transport totally unreliable?  How about getting around on a motorbike or scooter 'à la côte d'azur'? 

Sorry about all the questions, but this is a total blank space is our knowledge base.

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Posted by cfischmann-195468 - 13 years ago

I totally concur with Piscean007. Dubai is a rather nice place to live. Very safe. Beautiful weather except in summer. Plenty of things to do.

You need to follow the local rules. Not too difficult if you are not a heavy drinker and don't look too much after the girls.

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Posted by Piscean007-190176 - 13 years ago

The major cost would be that of Accomodation. One should be able to find a reasonable 2 bedroom apartment in Bar dubai for Dhr 2500.00

Food costs are very cheap .

Dubai is very lively place with an active social life . Pretty much safe and comfortable if you can manage the summer heat of 50C

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