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Looking for a Jewish Minister for a Wedding

Posted by Piper-188613 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by NowVoyager - 16 years ago

Dear Piper,

Jews do not have ministers, we have rabbis.  Also we do not speak Jewish, we speak Hebrew.  Prayers are said in Hebrew.  Kind of like Catholics - they do not have prayers in catholic, they have them in Latin - right?  In light of this, there is not true jewish prayer or blessing that is in English, it would be in Hebrew.  You can have it translated though if you like.  Most Reform synagogues have the English translation and the United State is full of reform temples.

Anyone can make a blessing, or a mitzvah over the couple.  If they are so inclined the parents can say one together or the guests can be given the transliteration of a prayer and say it over the couple before they enter the reception.  This not to be confused with actually marrying the couple -they cannot perform a marriage, only a Rabbi can do that.  Since judiasm in France is of the conservative or orthodox sect then yes, they will only do the full ceremony.  Your best bet may be to contact a Reform Temple in the U.S. or in the U.K. and see if the rabbi from there will do it.  You will be hard put to find what you seek in France.

Good Luck, Shalom,


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Posted by Piper-188613 - 16 years ago

Hi StGeorge!

I have contacted the sinagogues, but the Rabbi's only do the whole ceremony and they do it in Jewish.  What I am looking for is a suitable person only to do a blessing and in English.

Thanks for the tip anyway

P. Piper

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

Don't you mean a Rabbi ? I would be most surprised if the local ones don't speak English - suggest contacting the Synagogues ! stgeorge