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Lost deposit 50 euros because key broke !

Posted by portiagriffey - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by portiagriffey - 5 years ago

To responde to chb55, as opinion is devided

I rented the studio for one week - we had the key for five minutes before it broke - my point is - perhaps it wasn't a good key and I believe they knew this - therefore I don't think it is my fault or for me to pay

Yes of course if I had lost the key or locked myself out that would have been different and my fault - but this key was obviously old, damaged and faulty

Thank you eurokiné for your advise

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Posted by chb55 - 5 years ago

I think 50 euros is reasonable. someone has to come out to help you open the door. someone has to take a good key to have a duplicate made. depending on the key design, this can be up to €60 for a complicated one. People lose or break keys quite a lot, or sometimes lock themselves out of the flat with the key on the inside. If the key breaks off leaving part of it still inside the lock then even a new key will not work.... I would not come out to help them for less than €50. If you need to call out a locksmith it would cost more like €150.

as for the key breaking, it takes a certain amount of force to break something; until you have done it a few times, you will not know how much force you can use on a particular lock / key combo without breaking the key and you only find out when you break one!

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

there s the Association de consommateurs on rue hotel des postes who may be able to help/direct you

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Posted by charlottenovitz-654670 - 5 years ago

I had a  horrible experience with a big hotel  in Nice a few years ago, lost more than 50 Euros, a nite's sleep  and nowhere/one  to complainto.