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lost property

Posted by jaaaine - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by jaaaine - 16 years ago

thanks all... my stuff was stolen up in the hills near Gourdon, in the middle of nowhere really...so it could have been handed in anywhere...I was really hoping there would be a central office!!! oh well

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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 16 years ago

Im not sure if the same product is availible for woman, but my uncle, who owns a spy shop (Spymaster) in central London, used to sell wallets which used to have a built in battery to provide a very strong electric current. The device worked by simply pressing a button on the back of the wallet twice. You then had 5 seconds to give the wallet to someone, before they are given a nice amount of electrical current. Not sure it would work if it is stolen from your hands, but ideal if you are mugged and you have time to press the buttons.M

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Posted by English_girl - 16 years ago

I sympathise with you as the same thing happened to us. There is a lost property office for most towns (which I think comes under the mairie) and they recommended we called the one nearest to where the stuff was taken and others in the local area, as priority, as they apparently "chuck" anything they don't need pretty quickly after looking through it.


Good luck, hope you find your stuff

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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

There's an office for "objets trouvés" but I imagine that each town would have one instead of their being a central office. For example, the one in Cannes is a few blocks from the Commissariat. Perhaps the first step would be to go to the one in the town where your stuff was stolen. If you can't find the number in the phone book, I'm sure the police will be able to inform you.


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Posted by Jan-181414 - 16 years ago

Never give up.. my handbag was returned to me by the police in Nice 3 years after it was stolen..Jan

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