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Lost wallet (not)

Posted by Sevendaver-252003 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Sevendaver-252003 - 5 years ago

I am surprised that there are not more responses.  This is a major problem when it happens.  A friend was walking along a street in Amsterdam with he shoulder bag over her head when 2 guys rode by on motorcycle.  One grabbed the shoulder bag and she hung on.  They dragged her down a cobbled road for 100 metres breaking her shoulder and elbow before the bag gave way and they rode off.  She and her husband (my business partner at the time) had to return to Canada immediately for treatments and rest.  This was the second day of their vacation, just a stop over on the way to Egypt.

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Posted by A Breath of Fresh Air - 5 years ago

Good advice, IJ, but remeber you need photo ID here so you should carry your driving licence. 

I always zip my handbag when walking through crowded areas, but I see many women who don't.  I once had a shopping bag dipped, which taught me a lesson.

A friend of mine got caught by a scam at a filling station in a supermarket car park.  Just as he had entered the card number at the automatic pump, a guy comes up asking for fuel in a can he's carrying.  He'll pay cash, he says, and he takes out his wallet to show the cash, and pull out a tenner.   In this case, my friend told him to go away, but the damage was already done.  While flashing his wallet, the man had taken the bank card out of the pump, and his mate, sat in a car nearby with binoculars, had seen the number being entered on the keypad.  Always stand right in front of the keypads, even if it's awkward with your car in the way.


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Posted by IJ - 5 years ago

Bad memories, had bag stolen on the train Xmas eve (Nice area). Acted quickly to cancel everything and no problems with use of bank cards or cheque book fortunately. The worst thing was the loss of passport and driving licence which is expensive to replace and delayed our travel plans over the holiday period. In total I estimated the losses/expenses to value about 1000€, ouch! Am a lot more careful now. Two lessons to be learnt here, don't carry on you more than you need (including things like keys). Secondly, these thieves are good at what they do, you can't be too careful with your possessions.