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Low Cost Airlines Going Bust

Posted by Tom Cat - Created: 14 years ago
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Has anyone booked flights with a low cost airline that has subsequently gone bust?

I booked flights last year with Aeris, which went bust before I was due to fly.  There was a lawyer's address to write to for compensation on their website afterwards, which I did, but have heard nothing since.

Then, perhaps foolishly, I booked a one euro and a 45 euro direct flight from Nice to Dublin with Fly Jet Green, who have now gone bust as well. 

I am not clear as to whether these companies are obliged to pay you your money back.  I heard somewhere that as I booked with a credit card, the credit card company may be the ones to cover the cost.

Any info would be most appreciated.


Tom Cat

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Posted by Tom Cat - 14 years ago

Hello everyone and thanks for your replies and help.  I have now discovered that flyjetgreen made an undertaking yesterday with the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland, pledging to re-imburse people who've bought flights for more than 20 euros on their credit cards.  All you do is get your bank to contact them and in due course you should get your money back.  Flights booked on credit cards for under 20 euros will be re-imbursed by the Commission if you get in touch with them.

Flyjetgreen's website no longer exists.

The Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland's number is 00353 1 66 11 700.

As for Aeris, I will have to persevere.

Tom Cat

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Posted by Jelly-193845 - 14 years ago

Tom Cat

I think Fly Jet Green have an insurance bond detailed on their web page that covers the cost of your flight. Do check

Good Luck


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Posted by berocca - 14 years ago

hi tom cat.I got caught with majicjet to ireland in feb. there was a website address for a refund from the company but I didnt go that route, and dont know of anyone who has had sucess direct from the company, since the travellers are in a long line with all the other creditors..I had paid with a visa card and very easily obtained a refund via the insurance that the credit card offers. So it might be worth you checking with your bank. I know people have posted replies saying its just the chance that you take with a cheap airline but for a couple of emails/phone calls its worth it.And for the amount of money i have saved using lowcost airlines I wont be changing, even if there is a small risk.good luck!bec

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Posted by tkw - 14 years ago

We actually got our money back from Aeris after sending in the stuff twice and waiting several months. Honestly, I never expected to see the money again...after this experience we also learned that it takes the same time and requires a lot less hassle to take the TGV to Paris instead of the aeroplane.

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Posted by trixi - 14 years ago

Apparently JetGreen were registered as a tour operator and therefore are bonded by the Irish Association of Travel Agents, so theoretically you should get you money back. How, on the other hand, is another matter - there was lots of discussion on the matter on the radio last week in Ireland but no details on where to apply for the refunds. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to have been caught by this, given the lack of direct flight options to Ireland.

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 14 years ago

Those who occasionally live on the CDA and pay a cheap airfare price to fly around Europe which is probably less than the taxi fare from Nice Airport to Monaco should expect to be disappointed if it doesn't always work out as they planned ! Getting the money back must be Nirvana - send an e-mail to the Air Traffic Controllers - they'll sympathise !

On the other hand if you only paid half a crown for your aller-retour when the normal fare was a fiver - that's the risk you take - stay philosophical and think that next time you'll be in credit !

' Cheap' comes at a cost !!



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Posted by HilaryAnn-193954 - 14 years ago

Booked flights with Buss last year to Toulon (who went BUST before dates booked)  but they refunded all monies.  Credit card companies will only refund if you spend a minimum of pounds sterling 100 per transaction. Suggest you try using BA flight to Toulon next time, some very good prices and you should not loose money!!!