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Luton -Tuesday 27th May P.M.

Posted by BAL-187700 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

The last time I tried to fly easyjet ,having booked in advance , the day of a French national strike ,they told me right up till late the night before that everything was OK ! On arriving ( by car ) at Nice Airport - utter chaos reigned supreme , and the flights were all cancelled - they never called me to inform me , and as a result I missed a connection with Air Lib going to London by about 10 minutes ! What really irritated me was the fact that easyjet policy obviously dictated that the client was to be kept hanging on , in the event they could come up with a miracle !

I therefore drove to London , leaving Nice at 1100 and arriving for a friends wedding at 0930 the next day , about 10 minutes before the limo turned up !

Easyjet still have a real problem of communication with what is happening over French Air space ! What is also important to remember is that the people on cancelled flights will try to go the next day , and the day after , so the chaos is not just confined to one day !

I realise your Mum is coming the other way , but if she ends up in Genova, Milan, Frankfurt , Geneva  or other destination outside France , with an option of coach, bus, train,Hotel for the night,to take a connecting flight to Nice when available , I can't imagine she will be too delighted !

You should try and get your Mum to fly another day , if possible , and don't listen to any of the c... easyjet will try and palm you off with !!

Quite honestly , the hassle to be at the Airport for a 0700 flight , or arriving back in Nice at 0230 in the morning , just isn't worth the saving of ten or twenty quid , and while Air France maintain their policy of employing ex-models with brains as Air Hostesses , and supply free wine with their snacks , I am more than happy to pay the extra ! You get what you pay for !



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Posted by BAL-187700 - 17 years ago

Thanks to everyone warning me of the looming strike.  We're just trying to contact Easy Jet, which is not so Easy, to check our options.  Thanks again for your concern.