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Mace / Pepper Spray

Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - Created: 14 years ago
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I know its legal to buy the spray however does anyone know where I can buy it? Im looking for somewhere around Monaco and if allowed, inside.



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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

There is a separate thread on stun guns.

Knives, even long ones, are legal.

Also it is fairly easy to get a shotgun licence.


Once in the days before 9/11, I was waiting to go through the X-ray at Jersey airport.  These three French guys took enormous knives out of their bags, put the bags in the X-ray, the knives in the coin tray, walked through the gate and packed them all in again.


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Posted by jonboy-191946 - 14 years ago

I have noticed these electric stun guns for sale in French gun shops, are there any restrictions for use in France?

I have also noticed guys walking around with large knives attached to their belts.  Is this legal?

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Posted by susiepodd - 14 years ago

Our burglars in Valbonne left a cannister of pepper spray beside the bed.  Having also been "carjacked" I now carry the can in the car.  Its widely travelled and been through the x-ray at Nice airport a number of times too - maybe they think its my hairspray.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

Whats going on?

Mace, Pepper spray, yesterday it was stun guns.

Is there something going on that I dont know about? 

I feel a bit vulnerable since my Swiss Army knife was confiscated at the airport.

Is everyone gearing up for the tourist season?


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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 14 years ago

Cheers for the info.

Ill try the shop.

AngloInfo to the rescue yet again!



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Posted by PmsAvenger - 14 years ago


I got mine at an "armurerie" (gun shop) in Vieux-Nice.

There is one "armurerie" in Monaco.

Saint Hubert, 8 Rue Terrazzani 98000 PRINCIPAUTE DE MONACO

For other cities, search on the Yellow Pages for "gunsmith":