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Macramedia Inc. pop-up

Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 15 years ago

I have this problem with Internet Explorer too, so for certain Flash content I use Opera (opera.com) so that you don't get these prompts. Unfortunately with IE when you set it not to prompt, it also pops up a warning that "this page may not display properly blah blah". Opera doesn't.

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 15 years ago

Thanks to all for your help.

I have taken Legends advice and have clicked to disable which was marked as prompt as he has suggested.  Thanks again.

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 15 years ago

From your description this is not an "advert", rather it is a security prompt asking you whether you agree to download the Macromedia viewer.

Many websites these days wish to display presentation graphics that exceed the ability of HTML and they overcome this by "helping" the browser with additional programs (ActiveX controls) - e.g. Macromedia viewer for Flash and Shockwave presentations.

The way that these "helpers" identify themselves is either signed or unsigned.  You can control the behaviour of each on the screen  IE Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level.

When you have the security list showing, scroll till you see "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" and then choose the level you wish from "Disable, Enable or Prompt".  Your setting is currently "Prompt" which is why you are being continually asked.

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Posted by Nadil - 15 years ago

You are visiting a web site that contains Macromedia content (it is a commonly used format for displaying animations on the web). If you do not have the plugin installed - your browser will download it for you when you visit a site containing Macromedia content for the first time, however it will ask you for a confirmation before the final install (YES or NO). My advice is go ahead and install it since it will always pester you - it is absolutely harmless and is much required for today's websites. Just to be sure though, post the contents of the popup message back in this forum and I will confirm to you if it is indeed the Macromedia plugin that is trying to install itself on your machine and not otherwise.

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Posted by grizzly-195735 - 15 years ago


What do you mean by  "I have a popup programme installed"?

1. Some free software ("freeware") which you install comes  bundled with pop-up ads ("adware"), I think DivX player is one of them. The only way to stop them is to install a firewall.

2. Sometimes you pick up pop-up ads from the Net, especially if you computer is not protected by a firewall/antivirus. To stop them you can download Lavasoft's Ad-aware from http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/

3. Google's toolbar for Internet Explorer stops pop-ups, but doesn't distinguish between malicious and useful pop-ups.