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Mad Scotsman doing Monaco -Glasgow Sponsored Cycle

Posted by Nona-185684 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Nona-185684 - 17 years ago

Hi Schush,

Thanks for asking. The training is going well. Tomorrow, heading from Mouans Sartoux to Golfe Juan, then Cannes, Miramar etc to Ste Maxime, Draguignan, Grasse, Mouans Sartoux (approx 180 km). No kilt for this trip but toot anyway if you see me.

On the other hand, it's proving hard to get individual people to sponsor, so if you mention this to anyone get them to look at the site, sponsor and sign the guest book.

Our local McD's has promised a donation, as has Philips CdE. Many thanks to them, but we still need more help for the charities. These donations will both go entirely to "Stimuler pour aider a mieux vivre"

Decathlon offered us a discount as support, as have Brittany Ferries. Very kind but we are happy to cover the cost of the trip ourselves as our contribution and would prefer they make a direct donation to the fund raising.

On behalf of the Mad Scotsman, best wishes,


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Posted by schusch - 17 years ago

Mad Scotsman.

How is the training going....

Ps will i see you training in the streets in a kilt?

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Posted by shushFM - 17 years ago

Goodluck Scotsman

I'll be filling in a sponsor form.

Not only to sponsor you for the good causes but its worth finding out what is under the KILT!

Hope you get a good response.

Best wishes


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Posted by Nona-185684 - 17 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to thank Angloinfo admin for letting us advertise in the classifieds.

Thanks for your support Angloinfo.


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Posted by Nona-185684 - 17 years ago


Thought I'd give everyone an update of Charles's training. He's doing short trips practically every day of approx 50 Km circuit from home to work and back. He's also done several big trips - one to Castellane and back which is pretty steep, another from Mouans Sartoux - Nice - Entrevaux (up the Var valley) where it gets very steep - Castellane - Grasse - Mouans Sartoux. That was a 215Km circuit. Happily he was still walking normally when he finished and was back out again the next day. Can't remember the others specifically but there will be more to come.

He's received various advice re training and equipment from different sources but would appreciate anything the experienced cyclists out there can suggest e.g what is the best kind of saddle cream and where to get it.

There is plenty of space for more sponsors on forms - you'll find them at your local English speaking doctors, Mougins School, The Quays and various other locations. If you can host one let me know asap.

I've also been asked by a number of people what is worn under a kilt, especially when cycling. The answer is that for a sizeable donation to the charities you can find out.

Best regards.



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Posted by Nona-185684 - 17 years ago

Come on folks, we're waiting to hear from all you big hearted people out there. The posters will start going up tomorrow, forms are available now. A picture of the type of sensory room the children need is on the website. Sponsor and thank your lucky stars for your own kids.Nona