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Mail to UK

Posted by fionawlk - Created: 13 years ago
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Does anyone know the cheapest and quickest way to get a letter to the UK. The normal post seems to take about a week to 10 days.Thanks

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Posted by mat-196270 - 13 years ago

I recently received a letter from Cambridge England four days after it was posted, a great service. So let's stop knocking the people at the post office (et la poste) for it is a demanding difficult and dangerous job they are doing to the very best of their abilities.

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 13 years ago

I sent 5 postcards from Crosshaven in Ireland last Friday afternoon, to Nice addresses - they arrived in Monday's post ! You can't get better than that !



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Posted by Pervinca - 13 years ago

A letter sent from Marseille to Nice end of January arrived the 13 March.....

And I used to grumble about the Italian post service!

But, official letters from ANPE, ASSEDIC and the Fisc arrive tout de suite, usually the day after, why is this?

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Posted by fionawlk - 13 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions. The post really is aweful - I've had numerous things just disappear (including bank cards coming from the UK) and a cheque I posted to Paris took three months to arrive!! Posted from the main post office in Vence ... Unfortunately I've not had a very good experience with Chronopost either - I duly paid my 35 euros and my letter still took 4 days to get to London! Nightmare!Guess I'll just have to give Chronopost another chance ...I've tried to persuade my bank in London to accept faxes from me ... but alas no... they want a real letter with my signature ....

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Posted by Geoff77 - 13 years ago

Here are a couple of tips that may speed up letters sent from France to the U.K. NEVER use the letter boxes, always post letters in the Post Office box (Bureau de Poste)  and stick on a "PRIORITAIRE"'  blue label, free usually found next to the automatic stamp machines.

I tested this once, by sending  2 letters to England on the same day, one in a yellow box and the other in a P.O box (close by in fact). The P.O arrived about 4 days earlier than the other one.


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Posted by Jeanne B-196092 - 13 years ago

If you are in a hurry, ask for Chronopost, but it is quite costly. I am surprised it takes so long to get a letter to the Uk. All my mail from and to Australia takes about that time.JB

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 13 years ago

I've just heard from a friend in Spain that he has posted me two small packages (each containing a paperback book) in the last month.  Neither has arrived.

I posted a cheque to my sister in Jersey on 17th. June.  It has not arrived.

Yesterday I received a letter from dept 45 (I don't know where that is but hardly relevant) dated 25 APRIL,  yes April !

In May I posted a letter to AXA Banque in Paris containing two cheques.  It took a month before they were credited to my account and they maintain that they only received them three days before the credit showed up. I believe the bank.

In May I posted a small parcel to an address in South Wales.  It took 3 weeks to arrive.

So AndyG's statement 'it's even worse than normal' is an understatement!

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Posted by Andy G-190935 - 13 years ago

There's something very wrong with the international postal service into and out of France at the moment. Its EVEN WORSE THAN NORMAL! It took 3 weeks my last letter to get to Wales and I have been waiting two weeks for a parcel from Germany.

It's not just about speed vs cost either. I have lost two parcels already this year. What is the point in a postal service that can take's UP TO 4 WEEKS to send mail to a neighbouring country, and seems to have about a 75% chance of actually delivering it at all? On the other hand it seldom takes more than 2 days for stuff to arrive from Paris or Normandy.

I guess we have to pay the UPS/Chrono premiums.


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

cheapest ≠ quickest

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 13 years ago

The normal post as you say can take anything up 10 days or even never arrive, although it seems to be worse UK -> France than the other way.

I usually give mine to someone going over if I can't take it myself. I am going on Thursday - I know that might be a bit late for you - but if you want me to take something for you and post it there I can.  Just contact me through the link.