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Marriage Blues

Posted by angel-187474 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by wendy-179831 - 16 years ago

Hi Angel

It's really not that bad at all, 'cause as Mike says, you have the "civil ceremony" at the Mairie. This can be a very private, simple thing with you and hubby-to-be and just your closest family. And then later that day or the next, even, you have the party on Corsica and do the romantic thing just the way you would in an Anglophone country, even with a Priest to "bless the union" if you like. So it's not too bad...

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Posted by angel-187474 - 16 years ago

... and I thought the French (as well as the Italians and the Latins)  ... were renowned for their romance ...

.. gosh ... my partner is certainly the most adorably lost romantic I've ever met!

But anyway - thanks Mike.  That helps me understand it a little better.

xxx. A.

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

I think you'll find that, like so many laws in France, its roots are post-revolutionary and a reaction against the mediaeval/royalist ones...

In France, getting married is not a sentimental or romantic thing; it is a civil contract between two people, and one that is conducted by their mayor. Thanks to aggressively secular legislation (which certainly does have its roots going back to then) priests and their ilk cannot perform the task.

If you want to conduct the rest of the process (party, a church blessing perhaps...) in Corsica, I'm sure you'll have no problem. However, the actual marriage "ceremony" (actually a pretty businessslike transaction and not very ceremonial at all) will be where you live.