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MMR Vaccines

Posted by Bunsy - Created: 14 years ago
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My family and I have recently moved to Nice. My youngest daughter is just over one year old and my wife and I would like to get her vaccinated. However, with the recent hoo hah in the UK over the MMR combined vaccine we wanted to get her injected with the single vaccines over a period of time - she has not been in the best of health since her birth and we are obviously concerned about overloading her immune system with three diseases in one go.

Without being too flippant about the whole health thing, clearly we are concerned parents, and yet realise that we live in a community and want to act responsibly with regards to our community, not to mention the intention to send her to school in the near future and the requirement to have vaccination certificates.

We would be grateful for any and all suggestions - we have contacted numerous doctors and also the paeds centre at the local hospital and all have stated that the combined MMR is the only option.



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