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Posted by spitfire-182482 - Created: 14 years ago
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Can anyone tell me if I can get a French SIM card that will work in my Samsung SGH-V200 UK Phone(the one you see on TV or billboards that takes photo's ect.  As the phone is new and cost a fortune, I don't really want to dump it when I move to France.  My current UK provider is T Mobile.  If I can where is the best place do go and whats the procedure. 


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Posted by irishman-180738 - 14 years ago

Is your phone locked to your current provider? Basically this just means that the phone itself cannot use a non UK T-Mobile SIM. All is not lost however as there are loads of places that can remove this lock.

When your phone is unlocked then you are free to purchase French SIM, insert it into your phone and start using it.

Any phone shop should be able to help you with this or even drop into your local Carrefour hypermarket and you should be up and running for about 25 Euros.