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Monaco & France.....

Posted by Pervinca - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Pervinca - 16 years ago

Thanks Gordon and others for replying.

I still find it strange these agencies don't give a contract, without something being written down in black-and-white (eg the préavis) they can say what they want, can't they?


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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

quote:the CdS is no longer required for EU nationals

For plain-and-simple residency. However it is unclear under which circumstances it will still be required, and "working" may be one of those if the belief that the no-Carte rule only applies to non actifs turns out to be true. We're awaiting a decree from the Conseil d'État that clarifies the legislation


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Posted by GordonLeGopher - 16 years ago

sorted... sorry Admin.

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Posted by Admin-179828 - 16 years ago

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Posted by GordonLeGopher - 16 years ago

When I worked in Monaco they insisted that I have a French carte de sejour (live in Nice) that specified that I worked in Monaco and Monaco alone. This may have changed now that the CdS is no longer required for EU nationals.

Whatever job you are in, you don't get the first three days paid when off sick so if you're going to be ill make it worth your while and get signed off for 5 days at least! Then you'll at least get 2 days' pay and not have to rush back to work with fear of getting sick again and losing another 3 days' pay.

Pay... depends on the job and the employer. You cannot earn less than the SMIC (currently around 6.50 euros an hour I think, maybe a bit more).

Monaco is 39 hour working week and not 35 as in France.

Have you got a social security number?

If you're paid week to week then that's the notice you'll have to give (and they'll have to pay you up til the end of the week). Leave midweek, you'll probably lose that week's pay.

Assedic.. wouldn't have thought they'd be too concerned if you're leaving one job for another as you'll still be making contributions without a break.

Other people on here will surely give you more accurate replies.