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Move to Cannes or Nice?

Posted by lalala123 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by GolfeGirl - 4 years ago

If you guys have facebook you should join this group


I've met some great people on there!

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Posted by elderflower-921356 - 4 years ago

Hey Niomi! It would be great to meet! I'm sending you an email now :)

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Posted by niomip - 4 years ago

Hi Lalala123 and Elderflower

I am also new to the area, looking to meet new people, and am living between Nice and Cannes! Im an English student doing an internship in Vallauris, but have yet to meet many people my age in the area.

Is it poss i could join you both for a coffee or something? 

please send me an email or something if its ok!

Good luck lalala123 in finding somewhere to live! speaking from the perspective of a visitor, Nice seemed like a better town, although i think it has a rougher reputation among the locals? 


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Posted by lalala123 - 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your comments - very helpful indeed!

Elderflower, meeting up sounds great! I will send you a message now.



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Posted by Loes-260030 - 4 years ago

Nice is cheaper to live and also there is more to do.

Check out this web site for public transport, always make sure you can take train or bus as there are frequent train strikes.

Good luck!


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Posted by glorfindalgone - 4 years ago

NIce, Nice all the way. Your moving here in the autumn, Cannes is a summer town, so it's a quieter place off season.  If you know people there then that may be a good option, but Nice would be a better choice. It's a bigger town with more to do and more people to meet. There are plenty of buses and trains between Nice and Cannes( up until 9ish at night weekdays) so travelling between the two  will be easy.  Hope this helps a bit. Hope you have a good time here..

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Posted by elderflower-921356 - 4 years ago

Hey! You must be going to be a language assistant, with only 12 hours a week! I actually just came to the area too, I'm American and working as an au pair in Antibes, which is between Nice and Cannes. Obviously I don't know the area too well yet, but from what I've heard, there is a lot going on in Cannes, and it is easy to get back and forth by train. The regional trains going from Cannes to Antibes to Nice, etc. come very frequently. That said, you could use that argument for living in either place! I think you'll find enough to do in Cannes, and having a quicker commute is definitely a plus.

I'd like to go to the Franglish exchanges too! I've been hoping to go but haven't made it yet. Maybe we could meet up some time when you get here? Just send me an email if you'd like to!

Good luck!