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Moving house...

Posted by MPlb-182376 - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 14 years ago

You can register the details on the France Telecom web site and they do it all for you - set up the new line and cancel the old one. However, they invariably need proof of the new address and I had a problem because the ancient tenant didn't cancel her line, so I'd say just go there and it will all be much easier!

Take proof of the new address ie a rental contract, the name of the person who had the telephone there before if possible - this is especially important in apartments as there are no apartment numbers to identify them, and a bank statement with your RIB details. They can normally give you the number right away, which helps if you want to set up something like ADSL which takes a bit longer. I just did it last week and it took 5 minutes.

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 14 years ago

Hi Mat

EDF/GDF - you ask them to "resilier' your contract (for on your last day or whenever and they will either send someone round to read the meter, you can read the meter and inform them or if you are in rented accomodation it's the landlord or agency who can do it to. You cannot transfer your account to another place, you start it up all over again, but on the other hand if you pay by prélevement and your bank details won't change, they can keep these for the transfer, just confirm that with them.  You will pay about 15 euros to open a new account by the way in your new place.

France Telecom: As Gris Ventre rightly pointed out you can't take the same number with you if you are moving, unless you move somewhere very near. When it is possible to take the same number, by the way, you pay for the priviledge. When setting up a new account, it is much better to go into your local agency, although FT are in the process of reverting to doing it all by phone and just sending in the RIB by post (which was how it worked years back). You can set up a new line even whilst your old one is still 'live' by the way.


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Posted by Gris Ventre-195147 - 14 years ago

Just phone them both - they'll sort it all out for you.  We moved last year, and effectively started new accounts and paid the old ones when the bills came.  I don't know if there's any means of keeping your existing phone no. - we certainly couldn't as we moved departments.  France Telecom may have more advice on their website (www.francetelecom.com) - there's stacks of information on it.  I must say, though, in my experience I've always had more success with France Telecom by visiting them in person.

Bon Courage