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Moving to Cannes need lots of advice.

Posted by jjmiller - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by szozu - 17 years ago

I used Paul Arpin International to move from New York.  http://www.viprelocations.com/international.asp

They actually have an office in Paris and are familiar with the customs people in Marseille. If you check around, you'll be amazed at the wide range of quotes you'll get. I would be wary of anyone who didn't come to your apartment/house before giving you an estimate. The guy from Paul Arpin was the only one who arrived with a tape measure and a notepad. You need to have confidence in the mover and not just go for the lowest price. Some will give you a really low price if you pack yourself, but then you are running an insurance risk and packing is the worst part of moving!

Be sure go to the French Consulate and get the necessary paperwork or your stuff will be held at customs forever (well, nearly)--and it ain't cheap!

I'm glad I brought my stuff. If you have good quality furniture, take it with you. Prices in France are not cheap and Cannes isn't exactly Paris in the way of choice. If you've just got stuff from IKEA, I would say don't bother, it won't survive the trip very well anyways and you can always visit IKEA here. For some of my computer equipment (multi-function printer, speakers, etc.) I found a transformer a good investment, same for some of my kitchen equipment, electric cordless drill, etc. Not worth it for things with heating elements such as toasters as the transformer would have to be way too large. You need to add up the watts of what you might be using at the same time and then double it to know what size transformer to buy. Educate yourself about hertz before deciding what to bring, as well as about TV and video systems. If you pay attention when buying your TV and VCR here, you can get brands with the capacity to play your NTSC videos.

As for apartments here in Cannes. The real estate agent told me that for every rental apartment available, there are 50 candidates. I bought my apartment before moving here. Personally, I prefer the north side of the Voie Rapide: cooler in summer, less humid, less crowded, less costly and you can get some nice hilltop views, yet you're only a few minutes walk from La Croisette.

I bank at Barclays, BTW. I found that I wanted to have the option of speaking English if necessary, as I find the French banking really confusing--never had that problem when I lived in Spain and was able to use a plain vanilla bank there with no problems.


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Posted by gold-187699 - 17 years ago

We are a bunch of extraodinary big kids, many of which work in the 'executive work force', on the cote.

I've been helping new freinds and collegues integrate into this lovely land and am constantly bringing people together for the past 3 years.

Touch base with me as to when you will be here, etc. luckiesky@hotmail.com

As far as moving large machanical objects over the Atlantic, I have not had the delight of trying yet, but try freighter companies that come direct.

Many, you will find, will get your stuff to the UK at which point the shipping costs go throught the roof for the last leg through France.

Enjoy the drive yourself! Or, there are many drivers here who will take the job.