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Mrs Stella Sanko from Ivory Coast

Posted by lisa-180286 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Nice&Easy - 17 years ago

Believe it or not an Account in  Cheshire and a Solicitor in Manchester!!  and 6 private individuals in the Manchester Area. No amounts where disclosed but they were believed to be in excess of £30k each.

This was 3 yrs ago but the scam was well publicized then, its Amazing who is drawn into these ridiculous scams do you want to give any of your money please honestly I will pay you well for your service!!! I don’t think so!! Greed is the only motif.

“Owt for nowt” my gran used to say and she was always  right.

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Posted by lespalmiers - 17 years ago

I sent my cheque to her by post,

but have yet to receive a reply . . . . . .  . .

That will be the post strike then??


Regards, Les

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

Go to http://www.nigeriaembassyusa.org , click on Website and then click on Central Bank of Nigeria , Disclaimer on Advance Fee Fraud Scam in the top right hand corner - all will be revealed to those new to this ! I get up to 3 a day ,and despite informing Interpol in Lyon , by e-mail , I have never had a response from them , nor has anything been done , as the IP's idents. are changed too quickly and one can't block . Just delete and hope they give up eventually !stgeorge

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Posted by Katherine-186137 - 17 years ago

I get about 2 of these a week...usually from a really rich Nigerian hoping to share there millions with me, a stranger...................who falls for these anyway.

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Posted by Admin-179828 - 17 years ago

The sender of this e-Mail will not be using AngloINFO again...-----
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