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Mutuelle Recommendation

Posted by Windstar - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Windstar - 5 years ago

Hello,  thank you all very much for all of your help and advice. 

Kind regards,


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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

My recommendation is NOT to have a mutuelle!  You may think this is weird, but before, we had a mutuelle where we paid around 300 euro per quarter and, very often, some items were not refunded... Whilst I saw a specialist, we discussed about mutuelle and so on, and he told me that, after some thorough calculations, (btw he had 3 young children  then...) that if he was going to pay for a mutuelle, he would by a large amount pay more for all his and his family medicals than if he opted out, which he did, and I did as well and, honestly, 1. refund of a lot of things has been reduced or completely cancelled by mutuelle, 2. if you, unfortunately, suffer from a severe and long illness, the social security will pay 100% for the treatment linked to this sickness, so I believe we, as a family, saved money by non having a mutuelle anymore for 6 years now!

Hope this helps,



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Posted by Darium - 5 years ago

Try Paul at AXA Agence Limonier, 0497 117 119. 

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

I believe there is a comparison site called assureland or something like that where you can see which mutuelle is best for the cover you require.

It is difficult to recommend a company as everyones needs are so different depending on your family situation & whether you are prepared to advance the costs or want the medical practitioner paid directly (amongst other criteria)

In general  mutuelles in the SP Santé, Almerys or Viamedis groups are widely acccepted on tiers payant and the smaller, possibly cheaper ones arent