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My laptop won't work!! Help!!

Posted by whatsit-192983 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by No.6 - 15 years ago


a) booting up from the original Windows operating system CD (you may need to keep the F8 depressed during the boot-up sequence) - this should eliminate the corrupt (e.g. virus-ridden) operating system theory.

b) plugging a another PC monitor into the video-out socket (and re-booting - if you know which 'F' key combination to press to switch monitor sources on your laptop, so much the better!).  Question: is there any light at all (even just a short flash) coming from the monitor at any stage?   - this should eliminate the burnt-out laptop monitor theory.

c) if neither of the above, the cause would tend to point to a burnt-out graphics card.

Last time this happened to me (with exact same symtoms as you describe), the cause was (a) - so don't underestimate this one!!  (If it is, however, it's very easy to fix).