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My Property [Carcassonne] needs planning...HELP!

Posted by wishinshow - Created: 14 years ago
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I have just today purchased a converted barn in St Frichoux near Carcassonne. The accomodation is top notch, except for the fact that it doesn't have any running water and is not connected to the electricity grid. Further, it is currently not legal to stay in the property due to lack of propper planning consent. There is a good possibility of being able to install a well for water and the grid is not too far away.The previous owners have used it as a holiday home for the past fifteen years!I would like to know how to address the planning issue: who should I contact...is it on land which is classed as residential etc.?I do not speak french and am in a bit of a tizz with regards the logiistic and linguistic difficulties faced in this task.Kind Regards to all who bother to read this.Daniel ThompsonScotland.

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Posted by Rouretan - 14 years ago

It sounds as if it is already too late, but no-one should buy property that is over ten years old without taking independent professional advice.

You could check the Anglo-info pages for further advice: http://riviera.angloinfo.com/af/60/

And be aware that if your convertion is undeclared you may be subject to paying the cost of having it restored to original use :-(

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Posted by lespalmiers - 14 years ago

You seem to like a challenge!

First question, are you in france? You need firstly to visit the local Mairie to look at their plans, this will immediately identify if this barn is in a constructible area. The planning requirements will depend on the sq metres of the property, in floor area over 1.8metres headroom (ie not into the eaves)

Secondly, you dont mention the drainage aspect - fosse septique -  this will have to comply with all the up to date regulations before any planning consent will even be considered.

give me some answers on the above two aspects and i will be able to help further,


Regards, Les