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naive/stupid question

Posted by nina-II - Created: 14 years ago
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 Some absent minded friend gave me DVD film for my birthday, but I haven't got a DVD player; my laptop can read DVD, though; is it possible for my laptop to become friend with my TV set, so I can watch the film on tv???

Please don't laught...

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Posted by nina-II - 14 years ago

Thanks everybody,

I just ended up watch half a season of Friends, seated on my couch with the laptop on my knee....apart the fact that it upset the cat, it was OK...

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Posted by venkym - 14 years ago

Hi !

The graphics card you are most likely to have is the savage 4 card and it may have an "svideo out". If so, you just need to connect it to your TV (assuming you have a svideo input on your TV or home cinema system, etc.). But s-video is only for image, so you would then also need to connect the audio out from your laptop to the audio in of your TV or home cinema system.

The svideo cables are available at most supermarkets.

Good luck

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Posted by nina-II - 14 years ago

Yes, sorry Aron, it's a ACER Aspire 1304LC... I check into contecting external devices, but it only mention mouse, keyboard and digital camera...If it was connactable with a TV, they would boast it wouldn't they?

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Posted by Aroncb - 14 years ago

What laptop do you have nina?

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Posted by theresponsibleadult-188195 - 14 years ago

It is possible, but it depends on your particular laptop. Probably, the newer the model the more likely it can be done.  My new laptop can, for instance. 

Check in your owners manual, likely area: connecting to external devices.

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