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need computer help

Posted by vcheng - Created: 13 years ago
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Can anyone help, or refer help, which can:

- come to the home to work on a computer

- diagnose and repair a broken custom "tower" PC (I believe it is the P/S)

- assist with SW clean-up and PC optimization

- help connect up my wireless LAN network.

The trick is --- we are from the U.S. and I have brought my U.S. wireless LAN router (D-Link). I fully believe it can work here (on a transformer) but the SW from Wanadoo is different and seems to require different information than what my U.S. WLAN D-Link unit understands. However, this does not make sense - the information should be similar.

I am of the opinion that our U.S. equipment should work here. Is there anyone out there knowledgeable on this?

For SW clean-up, we have a couple of laptops and the broken tower. The tower has custom boards in it with tricky drivers to use. I once spent days on it. I would like to see if someone can help me reconstruct it and clean it up. Also, on the laptops I would like to fix some things -- like extremely slow-to-open Outlook. (I have Norton SystemWorks and run it regularly. I have Anti-Virus and know there are no issues there. I just don't understand why Outlook sometimes, intermittently, just takes forever to open.)

Also - I believe my tower is down because of the P/S. However, I'm not 100% sure. It simply would not power up after we unpacked it.

Thanks for the help!

Email me at vscheng@yahoo.com

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Posted by cwmia - 13 years ago

Can you tell me what computer shop is going to help you?

I am about to arrive in Antibes from the US; my apartment

will be ready with wireless modem from Wanadoo but I too

will be setting up a wireless router and may need assistance.

It would be great to patronise the same computer shop.

*they speak English? *

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Posted by vcheng - 13 years ago

Thanks for the replies so far.

Yes - I have all the correct switching P/S's. I have found a computer repair shop who knows how to use my U.S. D-Link and set it up with Wanadoo. They will also help check the P/S and my other issues.

Thanks again.

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Posted by ian81-188951 - 13 years ago

Generally modern electronic equipment, with a switched mode power supply, can operate on any voltage  betweeen 110 and 240 volts on 50 or 60 HZ However some computer power supplies do not do this automatically and there can ve little switch on the back of the power supply. If there is and you haven't changed it the power supply may be kaput but it may just need a fuse changing (possibly in the power supply box)

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Posted by jjoepage - 13 years ago

my US DLink Router worked here with Wanadoo; so I think you will get that going.  Also, I had that same Outlook problem last year.  I just reinstalled it (Office) and everything was fine.  Sorry, I can't come over and sort things out for you, but good luck.