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New Site

Posted by sisi1 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by sneh - 5 years ago

The most important change: is not working always! :S

I'm not able to open classifieds in detail and need to send private message to the creator...:S


And, no place to report issues...

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Posted by MadDog-256048 - 5 years ago

Im not sure yet whether I like it or not.  I find it less intuitive, took me ages to find the "discussion" section for example the first time I came into it....Changing Forum to Discussion seems to me to be a bizarre thing to have done, as I then wasn't sure if it was the same thing or not. It seems to be a little like FrenchEntree now which is heavily advertising based, a shame I think, as I liked the exchange-forum based approach of AI before.  BUt maybe it is just about getting used to the changes.  We will see!