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New to Antibes

Posted by Kelliebu - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Huckfinnfr - 7 years ago


I think there is a Meetup group that meets regularly. Just check it up under Meetup.com



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Posted by Kelliebu - 7 years ago

Thank to everyone who has replied. All the info has been really useful and I've chatted to some really nice people on here!

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Posted by canadienne-888911 - 7 years ago

To practice your French in a social situation, check out Franglish - they meet in Antibes about once a month and in Nice every week. I'm looking for work but in the meantime have been going to the Universite de Nice as part of the CUEFLE program (French as a second language) - they have levels from beginner to advanced so if you may want to check it out. For a university program it's not too bad cost-wise and you get an official diploma for each level (if that's something you're interested in). 

I've been here about 15 months so am still relatively new myself - am happy to meet for coffee to chat (after Jan 17 as I have exams the next two days :-/ )

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Posted by RuthR - 7 years ago


AVF Antibes has French classes on Monday and Friday. The Monday class, 12h30 to 14h00, is for beginners, and on Friday there are intermediate and advanced classes. It's not free, but very good value! There's a yearly subscription to the AVF of 35 euros and then it costs about 30 euros for the French class for the whole academic year, from September to June. You can join any time during the year. If you go along to the AVF on Saturday morning there will be someone who speaks English to give you more info and go through the registration process.

To meet people locally, there are online groups which organise events, such as the Global International Riviera Group on Facebook.

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Posted by :):):) - 7 years ago

Next week Le Blue Lady will reopen after the xmas closure, its a bar/cafe/lunch place/ general meeting place full to the brim of the expat community. Those who work locally and those who work on boats. its quite friendly.  its on Rue Lacan.


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Posted by job-212223 - 7 years ago

Hi just wanted to know if the AVF in antibes is a free french class? Embarrassed to say I have been here 7 yrs and my french is still appalling !

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Posted by 1850stjeannet - 7 years ago

Check sites like 

Meetup.com, On va sortir.fr, and Internations.com - they all are free and you'll find loads of local based activities, or you can propose your own. On va sortir is clearly predominantly french. 

Good luck that should get you started. 

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Posted by dme - 7 years ago

Hi the AVF in Antibes is on Avenue Guillabert just along the street from Barclay's Bank on the corner of Bd Albert 1er.

There are french classes on Friday mornings, on Wednesday mornings there is French/english conversation ( all levels) where different groups of many nationalities go to cafés around Antibes centre, have a coffee/tea etc and chat for an hour in english and an hour in french. There are also many other activities.

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago

check out the AVF, the antibes /sophia group seems quite acyive

(acceuil de ville de france)

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 7 years ago

Dont just "wish there was a club"! Firstly, there are lots and lots of get-togethers down here. There are lots of clubs, bars, live music (check out the "what's on" section" on here). Then, for example, a friend of mine moved from the UK a couple of years ago - mid 30s in age - she was near Bar-sur-Loup, a small village, and joined the local gym classes, partly to get fit, partly to meet local people. It worked brilliantly - she met local French people with some English who were happy to exchange language "lessons" by meeting for coffees, she met Scandinavians, Dutch, Belgians, Italians..., and even got work that way.

So, just get out there, check with your local mairie, Commitee des Fetes, go to local venues with live jazz bands, or whatever you're interested in. It won't take long, just be open-minded and go for it!

Good luck!!!