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New Zealander/Mothers/Babies!!!

Posted by JPB-188466 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by christina Bull - 16 years ago

hi there Julie - a french friend of mine passed on your message to me - I'm also a kiwi and married to a french guy - we have 2 boys and I've been living here a while so would be happy to give you some insight into having a baby here. There are also some mums groups that I can tell you about so give me a call 0493325271 - look forward to hearing from you - Tina

ps....I know its hard at the beginning and making your own friends does make the difference !


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Posted by Sophia-184227 - 17 years ago

Hello My twin babies were born in Nice in March 2003. I'd be happy to communicate with you over the phone/email as it is difficult for me to get out of the house at the moment. As I have recently been through the "maternity" system, I'd be happy to offer any advice etc or meet up if you have transport - I live in Valbonne. My husband was born in New Zealand, although lived most of his life in Canada.my email is sandraarthur@imaibox.comBest wishes

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Posted by JPB-188466 - 17 years ago

Hi allI have sent an email to Jan requsting that she post some info regarding the bebe nager group here on Anglo-Info. Thanks again for your responsesJulie

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Posted by Sands-186811 - 17 years ago


would also love to get details, I am six month pregnant and also new to France, thanks in advance

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Posted by Nadeen-184587 - 17 years ago

Hi Julie

My heart is bleeding for you, having children of my own, it is so difficult being away from your country and your people, I am South African living in Nice and know how you feel, I can’t speak very little French. I am in Bordeaux at the moment and then I am returning to Sa for a short while, I will contact you when I get back and we can have a good chat, I have been to your beautiful country and even wanted to move there at one stage.

All the best and look after yourself, looking forward to meeting you and soon the new baby, on babies I can tell you a lot, but about giving birth in France nothing!


Smile !

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Posted by michael and kate - 17 years ago


Where can I get details about the Juan Les Pins bebe nageurs sessions?  Would love to come along!




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Posted by JPB-188466 - 17 years ago

Thanks for your ideas. Really appreciate it. Its given me a good starting pointJulie

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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

More info on the AVF (inc. contact details) at http://riviera.angloinfo.com/information/1/avf.asp**************

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Posted by Alison665 - 17 years ago

Try the Accuiel (sp?) de Ville Francais (AVF) in Sophia Antipolis.  They have 'Tots n Toddlers and all of the mothers are international - from Australia, New Zealand, England - many of them married to French men - they are only two more weeks left before they break for summer so get yourself over there to meet some mothers - (or alternatively, wait for September).  They have groups on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Good luck with the baby!!

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Posted by JJnice - 17 years ago

I run bebe nager group on a Sat morning in Juan Les Pins. Many of the Mothers and Fathers are international so if you wanted to come and see what we do, you would be most welcome and you can also meet some of the mothers. In Sophia Antipolis there are many mother and baby groups where you can meet others like yourself. I also lived in New Zealand 2 yrs.Jan