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Nice Airport-Antibes Bus Service

Posted by Fitcarraldo - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Neil Clarke - 5 years ago

I remember using the 200 bus to get from the airport to our mobile home at Camping du Pylone (bus stop Gare de Biot).  Luggage went free in the hold under the bus and the fare was 6 euros(?) compared to the direct service Cannes - Nice which was 2 euros(?). 

Now we live in France we go down via own vehicle (expensive and polluting) or train (cheaper if just my wife goes with a 60+ pass).  Air France are now doing cheap (-ish) internal flights so my wife may come down via plane but isn't happy about the new arrangements.

Before, if there wasn't a convenient bus due to connect with your flight you could take a 10 min walk up to the surburban SNCF station and try your luck.   Reasonably easy even for old folks like us if you have wheels on your case.  Now the wife is 66 that, or even chancing her luck out on the main road is not very appealing compared to catching a "door-to-door" bus outside the arrival area within the airport terminus.

Paying for taxis at 60 euros negates the advantage of cheaper flights than Air France.

The new "express" service sounds good but is only any use for people living in Antibes or Cannes but nowhere in between. 

It is a backward step if all the 200 buses go on the main road  and now we don't have every other one calling in at the airport.   What about French people wanting to go to the airport from Biot, Villeneuve-Loubet, Cagnes-sur-Mer and St. Laurent de Var?   There must still be holidaymakers with luggage using the 200 to get to and from Nice Ville station. Buses are there for everyone not just workers.  

Enough rambling on..................Regards,     Neil

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Posted by Fitcarraldo - 5 years ago

"bus 200 ='s normal, everyday people living life here. bus 250 ='s airport. how hard is that.

Make the bus go where people want to go. Nobody wants to get a Bus to a busy intersection outside town, with broken footpaths and roaring traffic.It is useless, and dangerous, and might as well not exist for all the good it is to the (according to you) target travellers.

Make the Bus go where it says on the tin - ANTIBES.

How hard is THAT?

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Posted by Fitcarraldo - 5 years ago

Quote: "This area is really in need of moderate priced rentals for the working class..." (Fashion1)

I agree with you, I found out about the shortage of accomodation in Antibes when I once considered a long term rental and placed an advert. I was FLOODED with replies.

My goodness, I thought, why so many desperate people?

Then I was enlightened by an 'old CDA hand'. The peculiarities of the French legal system regarding property rentals were explained to me, along with the consequences for unwary owners who got taken for a ride by a delinquent tenant.

As you know, it is practically impossible to remove a delinquent tenant from a rental property. Doing so is a lengthy and costly process.

I took heed, and withdrew my property.

I have French friends who have also been caught out by this nonsense. It took one of them almost 2 years to eject a non paying renter from his villa. A foreigner hasn't a hope.

The fact is there is NO SHORTAGE of potential rental property in the region, much of it lies vacant half the year, while desperate (and honest) renters search in vain for a home.

But it's just another symptom of the back to front mindset in France.

My advice. If you want the rental market to work - make it safe for owners to rent their property.

If you want to punish the owners, and treat them like lepers in the eyes of the law, very well, suffer the consequences! No rental properties!

Market forces, eh?

As you choose!

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

bus 200 ='s normal, everyday people living life here.

bus 250 ='s airport.

how hard is that.

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Posted by Fitcarraldo - 5 years ago

You talk of alternatives - the train, a taxi?

The train is no better than the useless bus - it leaves you on the outskirts of the town instead of in the centre where you want to be.

The taxi? Are you having a laugh? SIXTY EURO to the centre of Antibes? Perhaps more, depending on bags, and the honesty of the driver!

In case you haven't noticed - not everyone holidaying on the CDA is a Millionaire. Plenty of 'ordinary' people come here too. Ryanair flies into Nice Airport. So does easyjet - bot Low Cost Carriers....you know...for people ON A BUDGET. Would you prefer if those 'cheapskates' stayed away? So you could ride your 1 euro bus in comfort, undisturbed by the great unwashed?

I've got news for you. If you work at the airport those 'cheapskates' are probably paying your wages. And if you are involved in any form of commerce on the CDA you probably rely on their spending euro's, whether directly or indirectly.

Its a typically French attitude, the employee comes first, the customers are way down the priority list.

The day may yet dawn when you'll get a sudden sharp shock of reality, when all the little cheapskates decide to holiday somewhere else - somewhere the facilities are set up to cater for them, and where the locals want, and welcome them.

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Posted by Earthling-217786 - 5 years ago

The 250 bus service is specifcally designed for people going to and from the airport as you probably noticed the vehicles used are not of the same nature as the 200 buses and the service is aimed at passenger comfort and personal service from the driver not to mention the rapidity of the journey
As you have mentioned the alternatives are the 200 service or a taxi also there is a train service,it is your personal choice,but please do not refer to an extremely regular and efficient bus service as useless.
Naturally you can choose which ever form of transport you wish,please post back when you have experienced waiting at the bus stop on the Promenade opposite the airport to witness numerous service 200 buses go whizzing past showing 'Complet' during peak times,maybe then you may wish you had paid the significantly small price to reach your destination in comfort and on time.

PS.There's an underpass!

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

Anyway, the bus fare (€1) is going up. Source is an article in the nice-matin.

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Posted by JJ-183649 - 5 years ago

Actually, just checked. It says €1 per luggage but €5 for "hors gabarit" (extra large ones) over 165cms.


Site: http://www.cg06.fr/cms/cg06/upload/servir-les-habitants/fr/files/gtarif.pdf



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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

The prices are clearly stated by the entrance for luggage, etc.

Glad to here they are moving the bus station in antibes

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Posted by Fitcarraldo - 5 years ago

JJ the last time I took a bag on board the 200 the driver charged 5 euro for it, not 1.50!