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Nice Airport commuter parking

Posted by James Morgan - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

Thank you for these warnings.  We have in the past left our cars in P8 and thought it was reasonably safe.  We now normally use P5 as it is closer to the terminal.  Both our cars are in good condition, but old, and I didn't think they would be likely to be stolen. Clearly this is not a safe assumption.

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Posted by eurosurv - 15 years ago

My advice is dont leave a car in P8 I had an old tatty Golf stolen there two weeks ago. It was found burnt out.  whilst in the police stn at the airport I saw files on stolen cars from the parking lots and the police were not at all suprised or particularly bothered! be warned having an old car means nothing

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Posted by Paragon-189093 - 15 years ago

Hi James, Hope you've found a solution out of good advice already given, but just a word of warning to let you know that my car was stolen out of longterm parking 8 last week and I have often seen smashed car windows in same so-called guarded location.

Personally I won't be leaving any vehicle there again.

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Posted by riffa - 15 years ago

Hi James

Although I'm not so keen on the extreme times flights you choose(!) I find it pretty easy to get a friend to collect then later drop off my car for me.  So obviously two sets of keys, then just a simple text message saying exactly where the car is. The ticket? Just leave it in the car and pay by cb when exiting.  This way you have only a few hours to pay on take and arrival days.

Does depend on some kind of favour because it's a two person op. to take two cars (yours and theirs) to/from the airport but you have family and presumably you would do the same for them...

But don't park outside Arenas any more.  I was ticketed there recently after it having been an established 'free' parking spot for some years...


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Posted by fidav - 15 years ago

James, parking 8 at Terminal one is only 9 euros a day and is accessible all day every day - you can even pay for your parking with a card at the gate if you forget to pay in the terminal.

It says it is not guarded but when I went to collect my car at 1am (due to Easyjet delays!) there was a guard in a car patrolling it, probably as part of a routine patrol that goes around in the evenings, so it is fairly safe.

The shuttle buses between t1 and t2 do not run as frequently at the strange hours that easyjet flies but if you wait around they come eventually. Or you can walk - it's about 2kms!


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

A lot of people leave cars on the approach road - the one that goes under the bridge and is parallel to the river.  Not a great solution if you have luggage or a decent car,  but it might pay you to 'invest' in an old banger to leave at the airport.

Personally I don't think the parking charges are too bad, and you can get an abonnement giving a reduction.  Details here :


Also,  you could just think of the money you are saving by going on EasyJet and bite the bullet and pay the parking!