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Nice airport terminal 2

Posted by Cabbie-182008 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 16 years ago

I can give you a tried and tested way of avoiding being stuck in the lousy part of T2. Simply find an elderly lady and ask her if she would mind pretending she is feeling faint. Then get the attention of the passport people whom will then allow her through to the air conditioned area. Go with her and say you are the one who found her like this...once you are through, buy the lady a drink and its sorted.

Good luck and remember there is always one certain alternative...fly on BA or BMI (ive just paid €59 one way to LHR which was cheaper than EasyJet).


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Posted by Rouretan - 16 years ago

We shall always differ on this point Mike, but the "illegals" are there despite England not being in the Schengen Area: perhaps perversely they would not be in such a hurry to get to England in the first place if they didn't consider it to be such a challenge, and they could then be "treated" as laid down by EU law in the first port of entry into the EU.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago


There is no way England could be in Schengen without the rest of the UK.  First point.

Second and more serious point.  If Britain were in Schegen it would allow free passage to all the illegals and undesirables who currently roam the streets and alleyways of the countries that are in Schengen.  The UK already has enough undesirables and parasites living there under the guise of being 'asylum seekers'.  Let's make it harder for them,  not easier. 

Keep Britain out of Schengen. Keep Britain out of the Euro.  Campaign to get Britain out of the EU.



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Posted by scottydogWB-188647 - 16 years ago

sounds to me like dirty tactics from the french to make it very unplesent for cheap airline travel because they haven't got one of their own,and maybe next time you will travel air france if they aren't on strike!(last week in july 1st week in august seems to be the yearly one)D.joe

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Posted by lynnettejane - 16 years ago

On the subject of T2, has anyone experienced the aroma of the toilets in arrivals, never has the word bog been more appropriate, we may as well have been suspended over an open sewer judging by pong. But was there a notice of explanation or apology, what do you think? Lynnette

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Posted by irfs - 16 years ago

Well I had a rather nice pain au raison and a coffee with extra milk in T2 last week, after going through passport control.

The bar man chatted me up and gave me a ciggie.

so it cant be all bad can it?

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Posted by Rouretan - 16 years ago

Yes I agree with the lot of you (well most of you) but what a shame England isn't in the Schengen Area: it really would make life easier: Perhaps our letters should go to Tony Blair rather than the CCI...

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Posted by Andrew.Wilk - 16 years ago

The "Bar du Monde" has indeed opened up miraculously in B lounge the other side of passport control. The cafe au lait is reasonable and croissants available for the early morning traveller. Some progress must be welcomed.

The drinks smellies and smokes shop however remains beyond ridicule - not too many easyJetters shopping for that exclusive grand cru at 70 euros a bottle and even the cheapest branded spirits are 50% dearer than in Monoprix. Staff outnumbered customers 4:1.



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Posted by Sue B-187864 - 16 years ago

I came through Terminal 2 on Monday 7th July - and there was a small snack bar just the other side of passport control - by Gate 21. Perhaps this is new (maybe someone HAS been listening) or maybe this is not where you mean. This was at 5.30ish in the evening - I usually travel much later when everything (including the duty free shop) is closed - and it could be that this snack bar closes early evening - but this might help for the future

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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago


My husband is from Paris and he doesn't seem too fond of the people from this region, though he's lived here for a long, long time because he enjoys the climate. On the other hand, I suspect people from Paris might simply feel superior to people from other parts of France!

As to having friends from other regions of France and not from this one; that's pretty typical. When one has family and friends one has grown up with, one does not go around seeking out other friendships. It's the people who are not on their home turf that look for new contacts--whether we're talking about foreigners or people from other parts of France. This holds true in other countries as well. And if you want to integrate into the community, you'd be more likely to do it in a small village, though people might refer to you till your dying day as "the foreigner," you'll be that particular village's special foreigner!