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Nice airport terminal 2

Posted by Cabbie-182008 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by carrington-181725 - 15 years ago

I had a similar deal coming back from Geneva,after meticulously checking everyone's passports at the frontier booth at Geneva Airport they marshalled everyone single file at Nice T2 to go through it all again;i mean,where's the logic in that? And then there's the other time inbound with BA,they treated us to a ten metre twenty five minute bus ride from one side of the road to the other (airside),but that's another story...And of course,that "road" wasn't in use..

Another side question,are all the french lazy dimwitted layabouts like the lot down here on the CdA? (Generally speaking of course) Or are they an exception? I've heard the corsicans are on a similar wavelength to the Nicois,is this true? And yes,i am generalising..I know there are indeed exceptions out there somewhere...The funny thing i've found is that all the french chums i have seem to be from all other regions in the country bar this one..

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

The Fonctionnaires are paid to do a job and have their instructions accordingly - they are not paid to use initiative and most of them dislike themselves , let alone foreigners !

However , the incident , of which I'm sure is repeated on a daily basis ad infinitum , will continue unless ' your favourite cheap airline ' takes it up with the Nice Airport Authorities and the CCI - you are after all paying Airport tax somewhere in the ticket price . It is quite unthinkable that in this day and age , a refreshment counter of some description ( what , not even a water dispenser ? ) hasn't been organised at NA Ter 2 , once you've gone  through Passport Control - it's pointless moaning/being rude  to the moron on duty - write a letter to Stelios and express your dissatisfaction in no uncertain terms ! ( Although I think he's pulled out hasn't he ? )

Even Mombassa Airport can do better than this !




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Posted by Jacob - 15 years ago

It's not just leaving which can be a problem, I came back last wednesday on a late flight from Luton (I've never used Luton before, thought I might try it for change...) which was delayed by about half an hour, and for some reason they (just the two) were checking passports unusually thorougly and it took a good half of an hour (!) to get through, but what really suprised me was that although I started off about two thirds of the way down the queue I ended up being the fith from last through!! Gagh, so much for being reasonbly polite and staying in my place, I didn't even notice many people sneaking past...-- Cyberspatial Architect[url="http://verseguru.com"]verseguru.com[/url]

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

I have yet to suffer T2 but I have heard a number of similar reports.  Suffice to say that British Midland,  although they are (mis)handled by Air France,  and operate a shared service with them,  refused to move to T2 due to its lack of proper facilities.

As for the attitude of the passport officials,  well,  they are public servants,  so one can hardly expect them to be civil.

And Cabbie,  good on you for standing your ground and speaking up.  Now I would follow this up with a letter to the Chief Immigration Officer for Nice,  copy to the Chamber of Commerce (who run the airport, I think) and the tourist authorities.


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Posted by Andrew.Wilk - 15 years ago

Thanks for sharing your cautionary tale, Cabbie. It reminds you how apt the word "terminal" is in Terminal 2. It is a very near-terminal experience indeed!.

The T2 "duty free" shop alcohol pricing if you had noticed is taking the mickey out of everyone as its at about UK high street prices and I've yet to see anyone buy anything. Youre supposed to grateful for being ripped off. (They should take a look at the new Paddington Station  - basically a large shopping mall with the odd-train thrown in)

We the travellers seem to have no say in the way we are treated at T2 but I think the Airlines like Easyjet could do more to chuck their weight about on our behalf. T2 is a disaster of Titanic proportion.