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Nice in Nice

Posted by jonboy-191946 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by lynnettejane - 16 years ago

Hello, me again, this might be helpful:



Happy hunting, Lynnette

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Posted by lynnettejane - 16 years ago

Hi there, on the subject of Nice, our experience of this town is very limited. However when we were looking to buy in the area we did arrange to view several apartments there. The parking was horrific, every time we tried to get out of the agents car we very nearly stepped in a pile of you know what. It was bustling and noisy, but it has to be said that you get more for your money than say anywhere east of the town. We viewed a very spacious apartment on the Boulvard Gambett in an art deco building which we could have bought for £40,000 but the noise and traffic fumes put us off. Why not try websites like www.openmedia.com or www.seloger.com to try to get an idea of what might be available to you. Be warned though property descriptions and photos are nothing like what you might expect in your own country, but take a good look around any immobilier site and if there is anything of interest contact the agent, it is always better to have something to go and look at, than wonder aimlessly around with nothing arranged. It can take a lot of hours browsing but it does give you an idea of what your money can buy. Also look at the pages jaune city maps which can show photos of buildings, that is if the agent will give the address, one way around this is to arrange to meet them at the address, that way you can have a look at the building and surrounding area before you leave for France. That saved us from wasting our time on one unsuitable viewing, Good luck, Lynnette

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Posted by jonboy-191946 - 16 years ago

Any areas we should avoid in Nice, and why?

Would not want to pay more than about 160,000 euros.

Like to be close to the centre, (ie within walking distance) but not too noisy.

An apartment that that will be an investment just in case we have to return to the UK in the future.

Which areas do you recommend?

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Posted by jjoepage - 16 years ago

Hey apu,

did you buy?  would you again?  I wonder if Old nice is a good investment for real estate?  Can those places be easily let?

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Posted by lulu-183463 - 16 years ago

hi! another socali transplant here. it's all been said so i just want to say good luck to you, whatever you decide. you will have a great adventure, it sounds, no matter where you settle. happy holidays! L

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Posted by apu - 16 years ago

hi..i live in old nice and would say this is the most amazing and vibrant part of the city to live in...

after a few months you will know everyone...also i am not sure if this is good or bad..all the properties are being bought by british or americans...

in my street all 3 flats in last 6 months have been bought by anglophones...

there is alot in the town for people in 18 to 35 age group and the 55+ group as well...what is missing is stuff for the 35 to 55 groups..

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Posted by fill-187617 - 16 years ago

We have lived in Nice for nearly three years and find it an exciting vibrant city. Unlike other towns along the coast it seems to keep functioning after the holiday makers have gone. I consequently don't have the feeling that its purpose is solely to serve those folk!

There are many good areas, and a reasonable to good public transport system (which can only get better with the forthcoming Tramway).

Nice is the only real city on the Cote and as such has poorer less desirable neighbourhoods. These may not be as prevelant in other places, but then they are not really cities. Adopt a common sense attitude to your personal safety & security would be my advice.

In our experience to get good comunal areas you end up paying high service charges. These are worth considering as they can be considerable.  Communal areas are a good indication of the effectiveness of the syndic and the desirability of the property.

Best things, Jazz festival, flower market on a Sunday morning, Cours Sayela on a summer evening, not feeling like your in little England!

Hope this helps.



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Posted by donnahelyer - 16 years ago


I'm sure you have heard enough by now but i couldn't help but share my story with you (sorry for any spelling mistakes)

I am 22 and my partner mike is 25 we were very happy in our little 2 bed cottage we had in bath (u.k) both had good jobs and lots of friends.

something was missing we love the sea/beaches which the u.k has but not the weather so we talked about moving abroad maybe spain.Thats all we did do.Wwas talk about for about 2 years.

Then Mike had a job offer he couldn't refuse which involved moving to Paris for 3mths to help set up a new company then move to Monaco.This may sound stupid but i didn't know exactly where Monaco was only that the Gran prix was there and a James bond film was filmed there.So we thought wow! lets do it.

So in April 2003 we went to Paris lovely city for a romantic weekend but to live its vey loud and very dirty lots and lots of dogpoo.I HATED IT! but i don't regret it, we had good times too and it was an experience.

We were let down by the company mike was working for. We could go home or carry on our adventure so mike planned to set his own company.

And he did and in Sept 03 we moved to nice down the road from Negressco. We had never been to nice but wanted to live here (Don't ask me why it just felt right).We loved it and every night we would go for a walk along the sea front and through old town it was fab but it was a bit loud for us and we found it hard to get to sleep at night. So we moved.Were still in Nice (Cimiez) but away from the busy part and less dogpoo.

Jean-luc berthin must of had a bad experience and thats all any one can tell you are their experiences so the only way to find out is to have the courage to do it your self.

Froggy and Melody think its just a big dirty town  Its a city and what city isn't dirty and as for safty theses days nowhere is 100% safe I just don't go out alone at night.

Driving is bad but thats just something you except and the ones on motor bikes are a right pain more dangerous than the cars i would say.Again I think all city tarrific can be dangerous.

Every weekend since 3 wks ago we go skiing never done it before and now we love it.

So in the summer you spend the day on the beach go snokeling visit some of the many fesh water rivers with water falls around nice and much much more.In the winter just ski ski ski and you can still go in the water, with a wet suit though as it is a bit nippy this time of year.

We are very happy it has been very stressfull and still can be.Were selling our house and plan to buy one here near Cannes  because it will be nearer to work for Mike.

So as I said before you don't know until you do it your self.

Good luck, Merry Christmas and happy New year



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Posted by jonboy-191946 - 16 years ago

Hi azmusicman,

I am very like minded re the dog poo.

I cannot understand why the French are so ambivalent about it.

I sent an e-mail to a Marie of a very attractive town concerning the problem, but he did not respond.

Thanks for your very considered reply.

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Posted by jonboy-191946 - 16 years ago

Many thanks to all the contributors to this thread, particularly those who spent valuable time on a lengthy posting.

You have certainly provided valuable information that will assist in our decision.

My wife still has high hopes for Nice.  She likes to simply  pop out and immediately be in the middle of the shopping area etc.  I really like people watching on the prom, and the new area under canvas is really nice.   Cannes is appealing as an alternative but the budget is limited.  I take on board what was said about Antibes being quieter in the evening.  We can recall this as being so on previous visits.

We have also considered travelling over the border into the Italian Riviera where we may possibly find cheaper accommodation, yet be close to Nice etc.

Any tips or advice on apartment buying, apart from the usual French purchasing procedure, with which I am fully conversant?

In order to stay within budget, I am not averse to renovating an older property provided it is stylish and desirable, with civic minded co proprietors in residence.  I like communal areas to be kept nice and to live in harmony with neighbours.