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Nikon or Canon?

Posted by LouiseLL - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by LouiseLL - 6 years ago

Thanks for everyone's advice and suggestions and thoughts on this! I've now got a slight preference for Nikon because I like the feel of it and I like the menus, they make sense! Anyway, still thinking but I shall make up my mind soon! Thanks again to all.

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Posted by fun-237353 - 6 years ago

Hi Louisse, I am thinking of selling my Canon 450D in perfect condition ( i bought it new) hardly used, and I will take sensible money. I am in Monaco. I have always preferred Canon and my father in law is Japanese and he says Canon is the best, but like your other people say its a matter of preference. I also have a few Canon lenses too. If you are interested call me on 0662 49 88 48 (french mobile)

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Posted by Acme Decorating - 6 years ago

I have the Nikon D5000 and it produces lovely pictures, a little colour enhanced, I suspect. But I thought I was buying a pro-standard camera and it's not: you cannot force the flash on, only select off or auto, which is no good at all in a studio situation. So my advice if you are going second hand is go older for your money so you get further from the 'high end high street' problems.

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Posted by LouiseLL - 6 years ago

Yes, I've had a look at these Bridge cameras. I played around with a great Panasonic/Lumix GH2 and I love the tilting screen and also the video is great. However, it has so many buttons and menus! I also prefer the chunkiness of a real SLR, it just feels more stable in my hand. I'll keep exploring, not in a hurry!Thanks for all your suggestions and advice.

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Posted by ed2morrow - 6 years ago

Louise, concerning quality it does not really it does not really matter sooo much which brand. Nikon's product strategies are better for sure regarding compatibility. Depending on your budget and needs, you certainly need to take the Olympus E-system, also known "fourthird" , into consideration, because lenses are compatible to other camera brands & models . Well, second-hand, have a look here in categories you have to choose "images et son" and specify on the left the brand, model etc.

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Posted by sailir06 - 6 years ago

Simple answer...

It doesn't matter and it's personal preference.

I use a Canon but just because I like the feel of the body.

Go to a good camera shop, hold them both and decide wich one feels the most comfortable.

Also have a flick through the menu and see how you can operate the buttons.

That is the best decision maker.

Quality wise, it doesn't matter which one you will buy.

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 6 years ago
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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 6 years ago

I prefer Nikon because that's what I've always used but I've been told by loads of people that Canon has been far superior in the last years. It probably doesn't make that much difference at an amateur level. I prefer the feel of the Nikon in your hands.

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Posted by VTT - 6 years ago

This is a very smart way to get into digital photography. The new cameras very quickly obsolete the 'old'. I have an excellent Nikon D200 camera - it's worth almost nothing. Just a few years ago - I thought it was fantastic. Nikon just came out with a D800. This camera has FAR higher resolution than anything before. Many, many people will soon be selling their D300, and D700 and others. The price on a D300 is less than $800 on eBay. That is seriously cheap. Good luck with it. I am sure you will have a very high performance camera for much less than one could dream of just a year or two ago.