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non-driver in sophia

Posted by massilia-191818 - Created: 13 years ago
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Hi all,

I'm going to be working in sophia for a while, but I've not lived in this area before.

I don't drive, and it seems like most people rely greatly on their cars in this region.

Has anyone any advice on where to live that's convenient to sophia and/or public transport? I'd prefer to live somewhere quiet-ish.


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Posted by szozu - 13 years ago

There are quiet areas of Cannes as long as you stay away from the Croisette and look on the north side of the Voie Rapide. Some of those quiet areas are near Blvd Carnot and the bus route to Sophia, however the bus service from Cannes is less frequent than that from Antibes. Cannes retains many lovely and tranquil places that the tourists never see. Their mindset seems to be that of those old seafaring maps where near the edge the legend "here be monsters" appears.


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Posted by meerkat-189541 - 13 years ago

From Valbonne you can cycle to Sophia. there is a road not open for cars between Valbonne and Sophia (Air France) For an impression have a look at the website from Travisa. http://travisa.free.fr/midi_sans_voiture/030306_carte.gif

If you want to take your bike in the bus you could get yourself a Brompton: http://www.bromptonbicycle.co.uk/ . It seems expensive but is not if you compare it to a car.


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Posted by massilia-191818 - 13 years ago

I was originally thinking Valbonne might be quiet-ish.

But there's a fine line between quiet-ish and completely dead if you don't have a car.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 13 years ago

There is also a good service between Nice and Sophia (normal business hours and weekdays only) via the airport,  and buses (or is it busses?) into Sophia from Cannes, Grasse, Valbonne, St. Laurent du Var.  However as pointed out, most of these only operate during business hours.

Neither Nice nor Antibes can be described as 'quiet' or even 'quiet-ish' and in fact almost by definition,  none of the places served by bus are quiet. 

The bus services are clean, safe, and reliable, if not always punctual,  but simply inadequate in coverage both by route and by timing.  I live 6 km from Sophia but to get to/from work by bus I would need to walk into the village (10 minutes), take a bus to Valbonne (10 minutes), wait 40 minutes for a 'connection',  and then another bus to Sophia (20 minutes).  So I use my car .......... who wouldn't ...... and on a bad traffic day that takes me 20 minutes, but normally it's 10.  This is why the area has such terrible traffic problems.

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Posted by massilia-191818 - 13 years ago

bah. that rather spoils my cunning plan to get really fit while cycling downhill. ;-)

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Posted by abc123-183592 - 13 years ago

Nope, they can even be iffy with luggage.  Purely passenger transport.  Even the bigger airport buses can be reluctant with bikes.

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Posted by massilia-191818 - 13 years ago

My boyfriend will be down at the weekends with a car, so trips to the country aren't too much of a problem!

Do you happen to know if you can take a bike on the bus?

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Posted by abc123-183592 - 13 years ago

No probs!  Carlessness is more viable than people will let you believe.  But it does limit you on the social life / trips to the country etc.  But the coast is relatively well served and if you're based with shops locally you won't mind too much.  In fact cars can be a burden in such places (see the crazy parking in Antibes) so choose a place to live where being carless is a pro rather than a con.  Antibes is best I'm certain.

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Posted by massilia-191818 - 13 years ago

ok, Antibes sounds like a good option.

thanks a lot for all the info, abc, I appreciate it.


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Posted by abc123-183592 - 13 years ago

I've survived happily enough without a car, commuting from Antibes to Sophia.  Antibes would be your best base I reckon - nearest and you can get about on foot easily outside the bus times (and during the strikes!)

Bus times are limited but do allow for a working day (if not with much flexibility).  Antibes is quiet in winter, if not so much in summer.  It's 20 minutes or so (depending which side of Sophia you are) by bus from the RN7 side of the Antibes train station (after the footbridge).

There are 2 services from Antibes to Sophia - 2VB and 2VB Express. 

2VB goes up Route de Grasse and round the main part of Place Bermond etc. 

2VB Express goes up via Jules Grec/swimming pool and Biot, covering the Biot side of Sophia initially and then ending also in Place Bermond. 

See them as two sides of a drawn heart in terms of their circuit and meeting in the middle.  You can buy a card and get schedules from any Gare Routiere in Antibes, Sophia or Valbonne.  It's called VB because it ends in Valbonne.

Antibes your best bet if you're carless though, as buses run throught the day but not in the evening, last bus normally 8pm so unless you want to be stranded and on minimal service on the weekends, I'd recommend Antibes as a base.