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Non smelling petrol?

Posted by charchoc123 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

charchoc, what I was trying to say is there are two types and they are clearly distinguishable.  The 'pas d'odeur' or words to that effect are more expensive was what I was referring to.

They are stacked totally separately and the odour free one I bought had I think from memory some sort of symbol with a red cross through it and stated it was odour free (inodore).

Instead of trying different types, if you can't see the odourless paraffin on the shelves ask if they stock it.  As I've said, they definitely have the two different types at Bricomarché but the odourless is more expensive than the same brand which is not odour free.

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Posted by charchoc123 - 7 years ago


Yes it's paraffin not petrol but you get the gist..... Was asking for any recommendations of brand preferably as I have tried a lot of different types and the most expensive aren't necessarily the least pungent  (IMO)

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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

They have the odourless one in most bricos but it's much more expensive.   Bricomarché, Monsieur Bricolage, Briconaut, etc.

I think you'll find it's paraffin not petrol??? ;)