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Norton Antivirus subscription renewal blues

Posted by Doug-181340 - Created: 13 years ago
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We're always being told by everyone to get anti-virus software and keep the subscription up to date, but what happens if one of the largest vendors on the plant makes it difficult?

Being a responsible net citizen, I just tried to renew my Norton Antivirus subscription and it was, err... how shall I put it... not one of the online world's greatest experiences.

Norton have a long history of excellence. Their products do exactly what they say on the box, are reliable, reasonably priced, transparent and easy to use. (Long history here means long - I installed my first copy of Norton Utilities in the mid-eighties)

Well, they appear to be loosing the plot. The subscription renewal form first asked for my country and language. Fine, except that I wanted country=France and language=English. The software is the English language version and was purchased in the UK - but I live in France where my credit card is registered. Choosing France resulted in one language option: yep, you guessed it French! So I decided to go with UK and English for the moment. (Why bother to ask for the language if they're only going to give you one choice?) Next, the form to complete address and credit card details was presented. So I duly filled these in until I got to the country - it was an uneditable field set to the UK with a suspicious little button on the side to change country. OK, I know I shouldn't have, but I pressed it. Voila! Return to the country / language selection page. So I selected French and continued. It forgot everything I'd typed up to that point (Grrrrr) so I filled in the new page presented in French.

An interesting side effect of the mid-way language change was that the original price of £13.84 changed to €13.84 after swapping country. A rather nice discount thank you very much! The glee was not to last. After pushing the 'submit' button, there was a big blank white screeen. Which stayed blank for the next 15 minutes. Great. Have they taken my money or not? Who knows?

Their online virtual assistant said the transaction didn't complete, but if their online purchase pages are so poorly designed and bug-ridden, should they be trusted? (They should read the web credibility chapter in here)

If Symantec can't understand that we need more than UK=English and France=French, then I'm off to look at AVG - the free antivirus product.

Does anyone have any experience of AVG?

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Posted by Collie21 - 13 years ago

em how can I put this, Irish credit card english language choice living in Ireland, etc etc, just changed the email to the french one and it downloaded onto my machine there and then and my renewal was complete. Didn't have any probs at all.Colliehey does that wall have a crack in it?

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Posted by jaaaine - 13 years ago

I too got sick of the renewal mess with norton and have tried AVAST antivirus. I can really recommend it, (free version) ...http://www.avast.com/eng/products/desktop_protection/home_edition/free_avast_4_home_ed.html

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Posted by ian81-188951 - 13 years ago

To make a more general point web sites have still in many cases to catch up with the reality of a single European market. Specifically that there are customers in France who prefer to deal in their native tongue!

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Posted by Doug-181340 - 13 years ago

I was just trying to renew the subscription - so nothing too onerous there - no nasty upgrade procedures to kill the installation ;-)

I decided to start off with the UK version, but then got cold feet at the end and changed the country to France. I've had problems before with other sites when I've tried to authorise the credit card payment - they check the address and the country and it fails if everything's not completely kosher (quite right too!)

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 13 years ago

I had the same problem with languages and countries when upgrading.  Because I had been jumping around all over the place, the upgrade went wrong and I had to reinstall the whole thing.

The mistake I made was in upgrading, if i had just renewed the virus subscription it would have been cheaper and easier.

If you upgrade from the US site, you normally have to provide a US address.  Does it work with a fake address?


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Posted by Doug-181340 - 13 years ago

Dear All,

Thanks for the comments on AVG. Symantec have just lost a loyal customer after 20 years.


Weird! I just took a look and the French renewal price was €19.95 (selecting French first, rather than UK then changing it to French). It added a sneaker €4.19 tax bringing the total to €24.14 at the last page just before pressing the final Continuer button. Still not €29.99!

Maybe someone in their web development department has downloaded some dodgey open source Bistromathics module.



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Posted by Steve R-187639 - 13 years ago

Bizarre. I resubscribed to Norton last week when prompted to do so and was charged €29.99 (plus about €6.00 for paying for the privilege of paying by Debit Card which is ridiculous but they're not the only ones to do it so I won't go on about it)... I thought I got a good deal as when I renewed last year I'm sure it was about €40. Does it continue going down with each renewal?

I understand that I can have it free elsewhere but I'm happy with what it does and don't want to learn a new package.

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Posted by Squeezy-189941 - 13 years ago

I thought I may have the same problem so I purchased a download version on the net from the US so I got the English version - and with the exchange rate it was cheaper!Dave

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 13 years ago

Ditto - AVG is excellent and reminds you to update which is great! Which reminds me.................forgot to do it yesterday when they asked. Whoops! 

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Posted by szozu - 13 years ago

I've used AVG for years, but during periods of high viral infections I also visit the Trend Micro site where I do a free on-line virus check.

I used Norton a long time ago, but wouldn't touch it now--particularly after it disabled my Go Back and then screwed up my HD a few years ago. I immediately uninstalled it.