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Nursing and the DDASS, New Zealand Nurse

Posted by Julie B - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by carolie-182474 - 17 years ago

Hi Julie,

Well this area is a bit of a mine field in france to be honest and each district seems to have it's own rules. Anyway I presume from your mail that your training for nursing is less than 2 years or that you just registered in the UK and that your orginal cert is from NZ. What you need to find out From the DDASS  is what do you need to do to be able to register here as a nurse, do you need to do another course to be able to register her or what, I'm from Ireland but thankfully they accepted my cert so now I just have to get the french up to speck.

It really depends Julie on what you want to do for me I'm here for the long term so I want to integrate and learn french so I can work here. As far as I know the language test isn't as tough for the aide-soignante than the one for nursing the nursing one the doctor asks about diseases medications and dosages etc as here in france ssssome of the prescriptions for patients are given over the phone and the names of the meds and dressings are completly different. I'm doing a course run by the govermnet at the moment to learn french and then they are sending me on another to learn medical terms, if you want more info just email me here. I'm including a full links to nursing sites here I know know if you have them already. I hope this has been of some help.



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Posted by L.Sladen - 17 years ago

Hi Julie

Just read your email obviously you will have already been and had your interview?

I am an English nurse and was told it wasn't possible too so now i work in the Marine industry!

Hope it all went well for you!