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opinions on the new airport transfer service

Posted by me_2003 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by sorcel-190657 - 15 years ago

Booked through the website. Took a shared ride from Mougins to Nice. I received an SMS informing me of pickup time. The driver was precise and I had an enjoyable ride to the airport. Would absolutely recommend it to others.

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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 15 years ago

It isn't more expensive, and if you are six people you'd need two taxis. I was there yesterday when the driver came to pick up my guests - he was right on time and the car was a huge really smart people carrier with blacked out windows - tons of space for 6 people and their massive amounts of luggage. It's a brilliant service - have been ripped off so many times by the airport taxis - am really pleased there's now a good alternative. Also, I didn't realise, but they wait for you in the airport on arrival with a name card and help with all the luggage - brilliant!


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Posted by michelle-180928 - 15 years ago

Well, we used them on our return back from Canada just last Monday. 10 euros/person from the airport to Villeneuve-Loubet - for 2 of us it was 1/2 the price of a taxi.

The driver was there, waiting patiently for us (more than I can say for our luggage - Thanks again BA!) and as we'd paid in advance, there were no worries.

I would definitely, and already have recommended it!


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Posted by Clan MCN - 15 years ago

Much more expensive than a private taxi!  Not worth it at all.

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Posted by ifs-194624 - 15 years ago

Don't know about this end (always drive, park) but took the Greenline service from Baker St to Luton last week. GBP8.50 for a 3 month return, bookable online, and to the door of Luton airport.  I usually always try to fly Heathrow via BA or British Midland, or failing that Ejet to Gatwick.  But I'm converted now to Luton.

The fact that it's only a 4 minute walk for me to the Baker St Greenline stop is a benefit but it stops at other points in London too.


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Posted by Lisa_C - 15 years ago


I've used them several times and have no hesitation in recommending them; they have alway been on time etc. I always tick the 'shared' option when booking on-line but so far we have never had to share with anyone (in about 8 trips) and the cost has been working out at about 6-7 euros per person for a one way trip from the airport to the city centre.

best wishes, Lisa

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Posted by F-189504 - 15 years ago


I have had one good experience with them:

I needed to get from Nice port to the airport, leaving home at 5:30am. A car with a friendly driver was waiting outside my door at 5:15am.

The return trip was equally pleasant, from Nice airport. The cost was 50 euro round trip, which is what a taxi would cost, or perhaps slightly less.

You have to pay a 3 euro charge to use a credit card via their website - a bit steep - but after all the overcharging I have had with Nice taxi drivers ("Oh Moniseur, there is a supplement for Sundays, and one for luggage..." and  I was waiting for the driver to charge me a supplement for me for daring to take up space in his cab).

I am sure there are cab drivers who are honest - I had a ride from one once on his first day at work picking up from the airport. The strange thing was that he charged me about 50% less than I had normally being paying for the same distance travelled, at a similar time of the day.

So, I paid my 53 euro, in advance to ATS, for peace of mind, and I got it.


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Posted by scotsgirl-194444 - 15 years ago

I've recommended it to my holiday rentals people and they've all raved about it. The driver is there waiting and it's already paid so you don't have to worry about having euros etc. Also, most of the parties are 4-6 people with lots of luggage so it makes more sense to book a private transfer rather than take several taxis that charge extra for bags.

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Posted by dancer-180182 - 15 years ago

the shared transfer costs less than a taxi for door-to-door. the private transfer can carry more people (it's uncomfortable to have more than 3 pasengers in a taxi, imho, but those minibus things can carry 8 or 10 or something). and the price quoted is the price you pay (not always true with airport taxis, ime, especially at night). luck is not a key element of getting on a shared transfer. you have to live in one of the places they go to (is mougins one yet? maybe not) and you have to book.  

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Posted by lob-189383 - 15 years ago

interesting - think i will continue to drive the car and leave it in parking k - for trips of up to a month it works out cheaper.