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Orange 3G WIFI key

Posted by mrbluesky-229427 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by mrbluesky-229427 - 6 years ago

Has anyone found a way to recharge this type of device from the UK, as I still have not? Orange outlets in the UK are unable to help. On my last visit to France, topping up involved hanging around for an hour in the Orange shop in Cannes simply to buy a top up and to then get it authorised by phone. They confirmed that the Mobile Carte cards, which are available everywhere, are for phones only and not for the 3G cle.

Any suggestions? I can think of better ways of spending a morning in Cannes.

Thank you.

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Posted by mrbluesky-229427 - 7 years ago

Thanks, clarinette. As you thought, it seems that link can only be reached from a device connected via the wifi key. As I am back in the UK that would involve roaming charges, so I'm going to see if a local Orange shop can access the information for me. Otherwise it will have to wait until my return to France but by then the 1 month credit will have expired and I'll have to buy a top up anyway... alors iz ze Gallic plot, n'est-ce pas?
My device cost 45 euros including 500 megabytes via some impenetrable special deal that presumably makes the French feel that they are getting a bargain but which looks exorbitant to anyone that enjoys a more free market. The UK cost for a similar device is around 35 euros and that's with 1 gigabyte and no time limit but that's France for you. However, it was wonderful to have internet access without the expense of a permanent landline, contract etc so no complaints except that I agree that the Orange website is dreadful.

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Posted by clarinette-207983 - 7 years ago

We bought an Orange 3G "Pass Let's Go" recently because "Free" have let us down very badly (we have so far been 2 weeks and 4 days without a landline or internet - they are clearly in no hurry to get the problem sorted and now the weekend is here again we have been told we won't get any further before "early next week"). I think the offer you bought is better but the person in front of me in the queue got the last kit available in that particular shop - mine only came with 100 MB at a cost of about EUR 50.00. Like you we have been pleased overall, but we find the associated website is not at all user friendly. Additionally, we keep getting messages saying that our credit has run out but these turn out to be false alarms. One thing my son told me today is that if you go on the website http://wifimodem.orange/html/home.html the place to look up your current situation is not, as I would have expected, under "suivi conso" but found by clicking on "statistiques" - there you can see total of all the "bites" you have had credited to your account in the "Volume Total" column, and what you have left in the "Volume Actuel" column. That said, I'm not sure if you will be able to check as easily when you are in the UK and on a pc that is not connected to the kit.